Студия компьютерной анимации – видео на заказ для СВЗК

This is Aristarchus Glebich. He decided to buy a plot
and already gave the deposit to the seller. But in the regal chamber it turned out
that the seller did not produce land surveying, and a deal is impossible … like
and return of the deposit. Aristarchus Glebich ordered
land surveying in the Middle Volga land management company … … to get documents
quickly, without overpayments and not lose the deposit. But when he put up the fence … … it turned out that the border
the plot runs along the ground the neighbor. There is a dispute …. (significant
intonation) Aristarchus Glebich invited
lawyer with surveyors SVZK, … they made the take-out points
on the plot and precisely marked borders. Aristarchus Glebich began to dig
foundation, but dug a fountain! Geologists at SVZK investigated
soil and ground and aristarchus Glebich was able to put the house
in the right place. But then I ran into another
a mistake. He did not topography
for summing up communications. They saved the house at the VVZK! Aristarchus Glebich happily
immersed in everyday life, but what something has not been completed yet … “The house, Aristarchus Glebich,
not registered!” Aristarkh Glebich rushes again
in SVZK – quickly put the house registered, helped, as usual. Now everything is in order with the house. Do not make mistakes, learn
on strangers and live happily ever after!