Wow! The food! Buffet? How much? 15,000 kip (Lao currency)…about two dollars something. All you can eat buffet? Yes. Wow! Do you wanna eat? I’m now buying food for the monks tomorrow, for the almsgiving session in the morning. So, this is like local food in the food market alley near the night market. Ohh….(feeling the hotness of the sticky rice)…It’s HOT. You have to be quick. They are quite fast. This is where the locals come. Not too many tourists. No. You have to make sure that the sticky rice lasts until the last monk. After Tuk-Bart (Almsgiving session), do the monk eat the food right away? No. For sticky rice, in some temples, they dry and recook later. They have to dry it again. OK. So many hands (smile). So after almsgiving session, not far from the main street, we can come here to the morning market. Yes. What time is open? Is it open very early? At six…around six. Until nine. Nine. So, people have to make sure that they wake up early and come here in time. Yes. People in Luang Prabang, I can see they wake up early…normally everyone. Yes. It’s a lot going on. Start the day early is good. This is ‘Pak Nam’ Yes. Pak-Nam. Watercress. It’s found in Luang Prabang only? Only! OK. (laugh). You can make a soup. You can make salad. You can also fry. This is like a…. Vegetables? Like an olive in Laos. So, it’s like they can still live the local way of life even though there’re more and more travellers coming. yes. They can still keep the way of life. It’s very good! This is Sisavangvong? Yes, this is Sisavangvong Road. So, the same name as the King. Yes! And from there until the end of the next block, it’s called ‘Baan Jek’. Baan Jek. Before, there were a lot of Chinese. Chinese community. There’re so many nice cafes. Yes. Which one is your favourite? Ah…the one at the end of the corner. What is the name? It’s called ‘La Banneton’. Ah. Le Banneton!! There’s one in Vientiane. I like it! I like the croissant!! There’re a lot of Art Galleries. Paintings for sale? Yes. What is this on the left? This one is Wat San. Wat San. Ah! Yup. There’re a lot of Wats (Temples) in this area. A lot of temples. There are many accommodations by the river in Luang Prabang. But, I chose to stay here – ‘Villa Pumalin’. Because from here, I myself can walk a few minutes to anywhere, to any major attractions here in Luang Prabang. And especially in the evening, I can just walk to the river and see the sunset. OK. Now, the sun is setting very soon. Let’s watch the sunset together. There are many restaurants and cafes by the river, so you can walk around and choose where you want to sit and watch the sunset. But for me, maybe I’m looking for a public place. Let’s try down here. It is close to the
river and we can watch together! You have to watch this with your own eyes. It’s so beautiful. Yeah, Ting. Yeah. Everyday after dinner, people always find something to do in Luang Prabang. Yes. That’s why I brought you here at Night Market. Ah-ha. Night Market. What is it in Lao (language)? Talad Mued. Talad-Mued. Is it open every night? It’s open every day…every night from 4-10pm. I wanna buy something…some souvenirs for my friends. Could you show me? Yes, sure! Like this…. Is it Sinh (Lao Traditional Cloth)? Sinh here is different from Vientiane? Yes. It’s very unique. How different? The pattern? How much in kip (Lao currency)? 550,000 kips. 550,000..OK! What do you recommend? (laugh). Snake. Ah. Really! (Laugh). They drink everyday. It’s tiny a little bit everyday of this. And it helps them… to boost something! Yeah.. (laugh). I’ll try. This is 50-degree alcohol…um…So, it should be strong. OK!! This one is very strong. Everyone who comes to Luang Prabang should come here and climb Phousi, right? That’s right. Because it’s one of very famous tourist sites in Luang Prabang. And it’s also a very holy place for the locals. Phousi Stupa is a holy place for Luang Prabang residents. They will come here and worship at the top of the mountain. How high is the hill? Phousi Mountain is 100-metre high and there are 328 steps. Wow! It is here where Ananda (a Lao-Australian actor)…he came here to shoot a movie with whom? Khamly! (A famous Lao actress). Even there are so many buildings, but you won’t see any really high buildings. because in the area, it is protected by UNESCO. This is Golden Stupa. Golden Stupa. This one is very old. It was built in 1804. Right. And, sometimes, I saw some people climb up the stupa. Is that allowed? No. No. It’s not the right thing to do. This is also one of our holy places. So, please respect. Ah..and sometimes, we can bring water because it’s quite tiring climbing up. Yeah. So, it’s not recommended that they bring alcoholic drinks. No. No. We do not recommend that…that kind of thing. I agree that we should respect the locals. That’s right! How do you like climbing Mount Phousi? Very much. Because when we got to the top, it’s beautiful view. Yeah! Beautiful. Beautiful. And are you tired now? Ah..yes (laugh). So, I’ll get you pampered by massage. Wow! That sounds great. They got a special Lao massage here at this place. It looks quite old. Yeah, that’s right. Because that building used to be a palace, like the house of the…. Royal Family? Yeah. That’s right. Wow! Let’s go to the massage! OK. Ready! Sabaidee. OK. Let’s get started! And those are the Must-Do activities here in Luang Prabang. Do you agree or not agree? Please comment below. There’re still more stories about Luang Prabang. If you like one of the videos, please feel free to subscribe!