🇹🇭 7 MUST-DOS in CHIANGRAI, Thailand

With very beautiful nature, there’s so much to do here in “CHIANGRAI”. This is called ‘Chong Pha Khaad”. And from here, you can see the beautiful view of mountains. And just across that river is Laos. So, that big river is Mekong or Khong river. And now, I’m walking on one of the most beautiful peaks here in Chiangrai. It’s called ‘Pha Tung’, and it’s not far from ‘Phu Chi Fah’. This is where people come to experience the sunset scene. Very beautiful. And if you’re lucky enough, you will see the beautiful sea of fog. Just like today. So, I think I’m lucky enough. We started about 15 minutes before 6 o’clock. And from the parking space, it’s 760 meters that we have to climb up. So, just think of the time that you have to spend walking up to be in time for the sunrise. OK. And now, I have arrived Phu Chi Fah, the spot that you must come to see the sunrise. Thailand… but this is Laos. So, we’re about to take a boat ride. Yes. Around the triangle. What triangle? What do you call this? (Laugh). It’s called the ‘Golden Triangle’. Golden Triangle. and it’s the point where it’s connected the three countries together – Thailand, Laos, and Myanmar. Thailand, Myanmar, and Laos. OK. This is triangle. Laos, Myanmar, and Thailand. Yeah! Behind us is Myanmar. Myanmar, yes. And it’s a casino. And we’re not stopping there because I am poor! I don’t have money! (laugh). It was an adventurous ride, for sure. If you wanna shop around Mae Sai market or even cross the border to Tachileik in Myanmar, it is recommended to stay in Mae Sai (district). And here, there’re a lot of good hotels with good prices. But, don’t forget to choose the one with good internet connect, because, it’ll save you a lot of time finding travel information. Especially this one. They have a very nice pool too. (Humming). Chiangrai is a place for coffee. They have a lot of coffee plantations here in the province. For example, ‘Doi Chang (Coffee)’ is from here. ‘Doi Tung’ Coffee. ‘Pang Khong’, ‘Wawee’ and this one ‘Doi Ngaam’ which is local coffee here in Mae Sai. Not only do they have coffee plantations ,but they also have a lot of nice coffee shops here. Just like here, it’s on the main Phaholyothin Road. So, you can just come to this coffee shop, and then chill out in the morning or in the afternoon. Welcome to to Chui Fong Tea Plantation in Mae Chan District, Chiangrai. Chui Fong Tea is the largest tea producer in Chiangrai. And here, it is open for visitors all year round. With over 1,000 hectares of the area you can enjoy the beautiful scenery of the mountain side, as well as the delicious bakeries and beverages. Welcome to the Hill Tribe Village. Here, there many tribes that we’re going to visit today. Aka, Lahu, Muzer, Kayor and Palong, Lamien, Yao, and of course, the long-naked Karen. Villagers here, they don’t have salary. And, although they grow some vegetables and they raise some animals themselves, but they don’t have much of the income. So, if you have a chance to visit the villages here, please do not forget to give some support to them. Hope you enjoy the trip. Stay tuned for the next episodes. Please subscribe!