5 Ways You’re Sitting Wrong at Your Desk – Computer Desk Setup Ergonomics

We spend a lot of time in front of our computers
so the way we sit at our desks can greatly affect our health. Good ergonomics doesn’t have to be expensive
or difficult but there’s definitely a lot of myths and misinformation that can make
it confusing. Hi I’m David and here are 5 ways you’re
probably sitting incorrectly at your desk Don’t sit up straight
Sitting up perfect straight might look like the most professional and ergonomic posture
and it definitely feels okay at the beginning but over long periods of time, a straight
vertical posture puts a lot of unnecessary strain directly on your spine as you try to
hold yourself up. Try locking your chair in a recline position
to have the back of your chair help support part of your body weight. Even a slight tilt can make a huge difference
to your comfort over a long period of time. Don’t adjust the height of your chair based
on your legs and feet The first thing most of us do when we get
a new office chair is adjust the seat height so our feet are firmly planted on the floor. While this isn’t completely incorrect, for
a computer setup you should actually adjust the seat height depending on where your keyboard
and mouse are. Most desks aren’t height adjustable, and
keyboard trays are becoming increasing rare. This means in most setups you can’t move
how high or low your keyboard and mouse are going to be so they are pretty fixed accessories
that should dictate you seat height. Put your seat too low and your arms will pinch
the edge of the desk, put your seat too high and you’ll end up bending your wrists or
slouching. When at the proper height with your elbows
by your side your forearms and hands should be perfectly in line to work with your keyboard
and mouse. After that’s done if you find your legs
are too short to reach the floor then you should get a footrest or anything to help
support your feet. Don’t use desks with built in drawers
Desks with built in drawers might look great and be convenient for quickly storing away
your trinkets and accessories but they can prevent you from sitting correctly at your
desk. If you followed the last step of setting your
chair height and arms correctly you might now notice that your arms and legs aren’t
that far apart. You only really have a couple inches of space
to work with here. So desks that have extremely thick tops, usually
the ones with drawers in the middle, might physically prevent you from setting it all
up correctly without banging your knees into the desk. Don’t use wrist rests (Use a palm rest)
The ideal way to have your arms when operating your keyboard and mouse is to float them over
your desk rather than rest them on the surface. While this works for short bursts of time,
your arms will probably start to fatigue if you try to do this for too long. So what most of us will do is rest our wrists
on the desk or use a wrist rest. The problem is that now you’re putting a
lot of pressure on your wrists where you have sensitive nerves and exposed veins for blood
flow. Instead when you use these accessories, they
should be used to support the palms of your hands not your wrists. You’re palms are less sensitive to the pressure
of holding up your arms and will help keep the rest of your arm in line. The goal here is to try and keep your arms
and wrists in line and avoid creating any uncomfortable pressure points on your wrists. Or alternatively I enjoy using low profile
keyboards so I can support my entire arm on the desk and still keep everything in line. Standing isn’t good for you. And finally, standing desks are getting pretty
popular these days. The problem is that standing all day isn’t
any better than sitting all day long. The unhealthiest part of working at our desk
is the fact we are stationary for extremely long periods of time. What’s more important is to change it up
as frequently as possible. Move your footrest around, change the recline
on your chair, stand up for a bit if you can, or just walk away from the desk to grab some
water. So those are 5 ways you’re probably been
working incorrectly at your desk but are pretty to easy fix for a more ergonomic experience. And having a good chair that matches your
body is also pretty important as well. But hope you guys enjoyed this one. You know what to do and I’ll see you in
the next video.