9 Best FREE iOS Apps Of 2018!

We all know the struggle of picking out the
best apps out of the millions available on the App Store. So, with the year coming to an end, we are
here to help you pick out some of the best iOS apps of 2018. Hey guys, I am Eesha Kapoor and welcome back
to another video by Fossbytes.com. It’s kinda ironic, that right after creating
a video on Digital Wellbeing and Smartphone addiction, here I am making a video on 9 best
iOS apps of 2018 that are surely going to get you glued onto your iPhones. Anyway, that’s just how life goes and so
let’s start with this video as well… The first app on the list is called Unfold,
and it’s an amazing app which you can use to make really creative stories for your social
media platforms. This app was initially made when its developer
couldn’t find any app to make a quick portfolio of his photographs. A perfect example of “Necessity is the mother
of invention”. It is a minimalistic app with a pretty clean
UI. You can select the layout of your choice,
and then choose your photos. Among the normal features of changing the
color of the background and adding text, a really interesting one is the ability to add
videos. With the concept of stories getting so popular,
this app is also gaining a lot of popularity. The 2nd app on the list uses the ARKit very
well and for a very good reason as well. JigSpace is an educational app that lets you
learn about different phenomenon, products and even ideas through 3D interaction. There are various categories and options available
to choose from. After choosing, the app then presents a 3D
storyline, called a Jig, explaining the product or phenomenon in an apt and to the point manner. The topics range from How to figure out a
bad egg, to learning about the Solar System. This could prove to be a good learning tool
for children mainly because it’s very easy to understand and the visuals add the X factor. We would love to see more jigs added to it
in the coming future! The next app that we’re going to talk about
is Otter Voice Notes, an app that lets you record your conversations and save them as
transcripts, basically a voice to text app. Now even though it’s not perfect yet, it’s
surely getting there and is much better than the other apps available. The biggest advantage of it is of course that
it can save you a lot of time by converting your words to text. Apart from that you can also replay the conversation,
that means it also records the voice. This feature makes it very easy to edit the
mistakes once the transcript is ready. Next on our list is a wallpaper app called,
well, WLPPR. We featured this app in an earlier video as
well, and we don’t see any reason why it shouldn’t find a spot on this list. It’s a very unique wallpaper app that gives
you really beautiful and mesmerizing pictures of various places on the Earth. The app further has all the expected features
such as the preview feature, in-built blur effect and the ability to download the images. You can also learn a little about the place
shown in the picture. All in all you will definitely not be disappointed
by this app. The 5th app on our list is Jumprope and its
a great app for al those who wish to create, watch and learn from simple how-to videos. What’s best about this app is again it’s
interface and presentation. The videos are divided into different categories. A video starts by introducing the ingredients
used and then moves step by step to explain the whole process. You can either put up pictures, or small videos
to create your own How-to video. Apart from creating videos, this app also
gives you the option of seamlessly sharing these videos on other social media platforms. Basically, this is yet another app from which
one could learn a lot and have fun while doing so! Lets now talk about the best possible utilities
app that any iOS user can use, the Shortcuts app. This app automates our everyday tasks by creating
shortcuts which can be triggered by just tapping a button from the widgets, or from the share
sheet or by a simple voice command to Siri. Now it is still a work in progress, but some
of the basic and most important tasks can still be done very easily using this app. Here I am using a Shortcut called Background
YouTube which runs YouTube even when I close Safari. I have also created a custom shortcut to call
my mom and send her my location as soon as I leave from work. Once this app gets integrated with all the
other apps, the iPhone experience is going to go to a whole new level all together. The next app is called Wisdo and it’s a
social media app. It’s unlike the normal social media apps
that we all use everyday because it’s more of a community to help each other. It happens very often that we are unable to
find someone who has been in the same situation and therefore can understand our problems. And this is exactly what Wisdo helps us with,
it aims to ensure that people get help from someone who can understand and advice them
based on their own experiences. This is again a very easy to use app with
a clean and visually appealing interface. You should definitely give it a go if you’ve
been struggling to get help with some your issues. Moodelizer is the 8th app on this list and
and it’s all about adding mood to the videos that you record. The upper part shows the camera screen and
it’s got different moods to choose from at the bottom. The best part is that the control button here
can be moved around to change the intensity of the music. Every mood has different variations possible
and you can test those in the Rehearsal mode.This is a very simple video app which could compete
to become the next Dubsmash or TikTok. The last app is called Super Habit and this
is a productivity app. As the name reveals, it lets you track the
habits that you want to acquire by helping you maintain a streak. It’s a very minimalistic app, something
that really appeals to me. I have been using it to ensure that I drink
8 glasses of water everyday, which is going pretty well I must say. You can also put in reminders to motivate
you to get your tasks done. What I find the most motivating feature in
this app is how this grid gives a bigger picture of how you’ve been performing throughout
the year. Alright guys, this is all from us. We really hope that you like the apps that
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