A Nepali Does Marathi Stand-up – Mac Magnet |Marathi Standup Comedy |#bhadipa #sms

I’m Mac Magnet but
my real name is – Mac Sherpa… I tell Baadipa I stand-up in English … Baadipa ok.. You people ok ?? I’m exchange student from Kathmandu but… My aama aapa are rich so…. My aama tell me that .. Chhora you should go abroad and get good education… So you can settle abroad … So many nepalese go, study and settle abroad … In India… But I was scared to come.. I told aama.. Aama I not go India.. Indian people are racist, they are judgemental They will tell me I don’t look Nepalese… I look Chinese … When I come here I saw that… Poona people are not that bad.. only Khadki Dapodi people…little… But other all poona … very nice Yesterday my aama called me and she asked me that
Chhora how are you? and how are the people.. I told my aama… How judgemental everyone is..
They’re still judging me… But still they are nice people Said, choose your comfortable language Sherpa Yes mom.. Yes I’ll pee before going to bed And even though you might be find me handsome – exotic stud types… I too, am from here We are 17 brothers and sisters… and… No concept of parents.. Direct 17 siblings 17 siblings roaming all around the house It feels like Marathi bigg boss is going on. Because…
Everyone is poor.. Everyone is unemployed And no sex And hence since my childhood , no one is helping me learn these things I’m interested in… And how long will I keep learning from porn videos.. Such vast syllabus they’ve got Every video contains whole new information. And in 9th grade… it’s about time.. we learnt sex-ed. Sir entered and started teaching us sex-ed. I was happier than ever. Sir exclaimed, “Male part is androecium, female part is gymnasium.” … that’s it! He didn’t even specify it was flower reproduction. Sir asked all the boys to head out towards the ground Only girls will stay back in classroom. “What the heck is this!” I have also paid full fees. I said to my sir, “Sir, I won’t leave- Even I have paid full tuition. I’ll also sit and learn.” Then I asked sir, “Did you leave the classroom when your sex-ed happened ?” Sir replied, “Yes . Now you too leave.” Then I said, “How will you teach then. You don’t know what went down in the classroom then .” On hearing this, sir gave me a rock solid beating. I made it clear, “Sir , I’m a feminist- If girls are in classroom , I’ll also stay in classroom.” I’m a born feminist , It’s not a new fad for me like you guys. When sir heard about me being feminist , sir asked English teacher to join him and then.. Both of them hammered me to death. Back to that day, I headed home ‘cuz my sex-ed was incomplete. I decided to learn from my family. So first of all I decided to approach my grandma Because their every wrinkle has a story behind it. There sat my grandma, reading a book of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows I explained her the scenario and that I needed some of her wisdom. Grandma instantly agreed to share her knowledge. I asked my grandma, “What does masterbhushan (masturbation) mean ?” Granny straightaway answered, “He was the brother of Raavan.” This meant that I was misled by my teacher in school. Already he, along with English teacher gangb*ng me in front of whole class and also misguided my knowledge ! Then I went to my father to complete my sex-ed journey. There sat my dad in his room doing nothing. I asked my dad, “Daddy, what does condom mean?” “It’s a sacred thing. Join your hands first.” I joined my hands and said ‘Now tell me. What is it ?’ Dad replied, “Don’t bother me , go ask your mom. I am busy. I agreed .. although he wasn’t doing anything except staring at a wall. but… I wasn’t ready for another beating again from my dad’s belt .. so it’s okay to leave him alone at this… Then I went to my mom… Mom was busy in the kitchen. She was frying something with a hot oily spatula in her hand. I asked the same question to my mother, “Mommy, what does a condom mean ?” Since my mother and father stay together, she has cultivated the same habits as my father. She too gives a same fixed answer for all things taboo . “Condom causes death.” I got shit scared- I’ve been doing it without condom since then.