All Microsoft Windows Commercials/Ads (1986-2019) (1.01-10)

LOLRyan2006 the computer wizard presents… *The Microsoft Sound Playing* All Microsoft Windows Commercials!!! Like, Comment, Subscribe and ring the notification bell!!! Windows 1.01 Commercial How much do YOU think this advanced operating environment’s worth? Wait just one minute before you answer. What is Windows intergrates (Loaders?) 1-2-3 with (Miami vice?) Now we can get this Ferrari and paste it right into *Inaudible* NOW how much do you think Microsoft Windows Is worth? Don’t answer! Wait till you see Windows (Light?), Windows Paint, and you’ll listen to what else you get at no extra charge! The MS-DOS executive, an important calendar, a (cardfall?), a notepad, a clock!, a Control Panel, a terminal clipboard RAM Driver- and CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?! REVERSI!!! THAT’S RIGHT!!! ALL THESE FEATURES AND REVERSI ALL FOR JUST- How much do you guess? Five Hundred Dollars? A THOUSAND?!?!?! EVEN MOAR?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?! NOU!!!! IT’S JUST 9 9 D O L L A R S!!!!!!!! THAT’S RIGHT!!! IT’S 9 9 D O L L A R S IT’S AN INCREDIBLE VALUE BUT IT’S TRUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT’S WIND’ OWES FROM MACROSUFT!!! ORDEER TEWDAYH It’s (something abrasca?) Windows 3.1 Commercial (UK) *Inaudible* Get Sue Back! Wowh! Whatever happened to my old typewriter?We got rid of it YEARS ago Coffee? Yes, thanks ♪♪ Microsoft makes software That makes computers work for you Sewh, Yew’ve ewsed Microsoft *Inaudible* Microsoft, Making it easier Windows 3.1商用(JP)
Warning!!! Weird Commercial Jub, Windows, eh? Windows *Japanese* (ヒットテーブル) WEEN-DOHS!!! *ガイはWEEN-DOHSを何度も言っている* *Japanese noises* *Dogs barking* TWEEEEEEEEEEEEET!!!!!! *Rapidly hits table* Weendohs! *A million of clicks* Aah! *Japanese grunting* WARATTE!!! (Laugh!!!) *Japanese* Viindohs Windows 95 ♫♫ It used to be difficult for personal computers to do more than one thing at a time Starting with Windows 95 It’s easy Start Multitasking Start Windows 95 ♫♫ You’ve heard about the many-fabled wonders of the information super highway With Windows 95, It’s easy to get on it Start Connecting Start Windows 95 ♫♫ With Windows 95, it’s a matter of plug, and play Start expanding Start Windows 95 Windows 98 (Uses copyrighted content) ♫Ludwig’s Boogie by killer tracts playing♫ Windows 2000 ♫♫♫ *Sheep bleating* *Smashes the farm* Everybody’s looking the door to their new (coniment?) But actually, It’s a WINDOW Windows ME ♫♫ Reversa Hmm, let me delete system32… BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! NOOOOOOOOOO I GOT A BSOD!!! YouTube in 2000 Windows XP (Uses copyrighted content) ♫Ray of Light by WMG playing♫ Windows Server 2003 *People talking at once* Oh, Jamie! Why didn’t you tell us whats new on IT? practically short Oh, wow, we just implemented DFS and a new (Sam?) And also we enabled (Shotocopy?) for shared folders un file servers It enables the use of get back lost documents on their own without calling IT You know, saves us HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS of DOLLARS It’ll do WHAT?!?!?! With old (new) Windows Server 2003, you can do more, with less -Automated system recovery- Windows Vista (Contains copyrighted content) ♫What a wonderful world by The Orchard Music playing♫ Windows Server 2008 (R, drug references) Look, I know you have a big workload, never take time off, highly unsecure, teach aerobics, but, da, it’s NOT enough Those server? Run them up, and consolidate, simplify, virtualize *Loud bouncing* *Beeping* ♫ *Crash* I’d love to, a, consolidate these meetings *Whip* All right, then, let’s giddy up! Windows 7 *Continuous Heartbeat* One (Microsoft Windows 1.01) 2 (Microsoft Windows 286) 3 (Microsoft Windows 3.x, NT 3.x 4 (Microsoft Windows 9x) 5 (Microsoft Windows 2000, XP) 6 (Windows Vista) *Saying 7 a numberous times* Windows Server 2012 (RIP Headphone Users) Wanna transform your storage into a dynamic storage pool? Bring an efficiency of cloud computing inside your datacenter With the only server built from the cloud up Windows 8 Ten Nine *Saying Eight a number of times* ♫♫ Windows 8.1 ♫♫ Windows 10 (Finally! The end!) ♫♫♫ The End!
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