Audient iD4 – iOS Setup Tutorial

Hey it’s Harry from Audient and I’m going to take you through how to use iD4 with an iOS device. You don’t need any sort of drivers or installation process to work with ID4. You do need to make sure that your iOS device is above iOS7 though. You do need a couple of extra bits of kit to help you get going firstly you’ll need a lightning to USB 3 camera adapter kit which can be bought from apple or from other retailers, online or in-store. You also need to make sure
that you have a powered USB hub. It’s really important to get a powered hub because this is essentially what will provide power to iD4 because iOS devices can’t provide enough current. To get all this plugged in firstly take the camera adapter kit and plug it into your iOS device and this can be iPad or iPhone. Now you will notice the end
of this has a USB and a lightning port. The lighting port is to provide
power for while you are recording which is really useful just make sure that you plug it into a wall socket as opposed to the USB hub as this can sometimes cause some issues. The USB slot is for the USB hub so if you plug the USB hub into the USB slot on the camera adapter kit and then make sure that the USB hub is powered. Now you’re ready to plug iD4 in. The iOS device should automatically switch across to use iD4 as it sound device now but it will default normally to input 1. If you want to record with the mic pre that’s perfect but if you want to record using
the DI you’ll need to change it and this is something that you
have to do in the app itself so that’s not something you can do in the settings on the iOS device its within the app so for example here we have garageband the way you do that is there is a little jack icon here, and if you click on that you can see input 1 is selected and all you have to do is click on that and select input 2 instead. Other settings such as buffer size sample rate and input monitoring settings are all DAW dependent so depending on what app you’re using that will depend how much control you get over them So with Garageband you get to control over the input monitoring but you don’t get control over the
sample rate or the buffer size. Apps such as Auria Pro do let you control these things so it’s about finding which app works best for your workflow. Now the last thing you need to worry about with iD4 and your iOS device is that there is no way of updating firmware on the iOS device itself. You’ll need to make sure that you plug it into mac or windows machines to update the firmware. If you register your product you will be emailed when there are firmware updates available so you don’t have to keep plugging
in to see if there are any there. For information on how to actually update the firmware, go onto our website our support section of the website and and there will be information there or alternatively if you check out the manual which is available for download on our website, it has information there as well. So now you can use iD4 on your iOS device giving you the perfect portable studio solution. For more information please check out our other videos or alternatively go to our website check out the manual and other support documentation at