Computer Basics: Protecting Your Computer

Your computer allows you to do many different
things and store a lot of important files. So it’s important to protect your computer
and keep it running smoothly. One of the biggest computer threats is malware.
Malware is any type of software that is designed to damage your computer or gain unauthorized
access to your personal information. This can include viruses, spyware, Trojan horses
and other types of software. Any computer can get malware, although if you’re using
a Mac, it’s less likely. To protect your computer, you should install
an antivirus program such as Kaspersky, Norton, or BitDefender. This helps prevent viruses
from being installed, and it also lets you scan your computer and remove any viruses
that are found. Keep in mind, no antivirus program is perfect. To stay safe, you should
avoid suspicious-looking ads or downloads, run regular updates to your antivirus program,
and also run updates to your operating system. To keep your computer running smoothly, Windows
has a couple of tools that you can use: Disk Cleanup and Disk Defragmenter. You can access
these from your Start Menu by going to All Programs, Accessories and then System Tools.
Disk Cleanup helps you free up space on your hard drive by scanning your computer for temporary
files and other files that can be deleted. Disk Defragmenter rearranges the data on your
hard drive to help your computer run faster and more efficiently. If something bad does happen to your computer,
you could lose all of your important files. To prevent this, you should back up your files
regularly. One way to do this is to buy an external hard drive and copy your files to
it. To make the backup process as easy as possible, you can use software like Windows
Backup or Time Machine if you’re using a Mac. Of course, if something happens to your computer
and your hard drive, you’ll still lose all of your files. For more security, you can
use an online backup service like Mozy or Carbonite. You may have to pay a monthly fee
to use these services, but the advantage is that your files will stay safe in the cloud,
no matter what happens to your computer. Following these tips can help you protect
your computer and ensure that all of your important files will be there when you need