Computer Science 101

Computers are everywhere. Now, most people feel like they can use computers, but how does it work inside of there? Well, it is a little bit, some kind of an impossible mystery. I’m going to tell you, if you kind of look through the curtain, how does the computer work behind the scenes, it is surprisingly simple. Now, in this class, which is open to anyone, absolutely no prior experience is required, we’re gonna talk about what the parts of the computer are, and how it works and we’re gonna take that next step to playing with little sequences of what are called computer code. Computer code really drives the essential quality of what the computer can do and what it can’t do. Now by playing with these little bits of code I think you’ll get a sense, a real sense, of how the computer works and also you’ll understand things that the computer can’t do. And so I think of that as sort of a step towards not being intimated by computers, really understanding where they fit and what they can do. This is an excellent class I’d say for anyone today just to sort of understand how computers work and where they fit in the world. And if the computer code appeals to you. Well, this is an excellent first step towards taking more advanced computer science classes. As I said, this is a free class. It’s open to anyone, so I hope you’ll join me.