Connect your Microsoft Office 365 account in your BMW with Operating System 7 – BMW How-To

With Microsoft Office 365 you transform your BMW into a mobile office. Please go to ‘Apps’, ‘Booked’ and check if Microsoft Office 365 is booked. To connect your Microsoft Office 365 account to the vehicle, select ‘Communication’ or ‘Apps’ and ‘E-Mail’. A QR code comes up, which needs to be scanned with your smartphone. Open the camera on your smartphone and scan the QR code. Press the link that appears to go to the Microsoft website. Now you can log in using your Microsoft Office 365 credentials. Now select ‘Communication’ or ‘Apps’ and then ‘E-Mail’, ‘Calendar’ or ‘Tasks’ to log in again. In ‘Calendar’, you are now able to access your schedule and even enter Skype meetings. Continue watching our How-To Series to get the most out of your BMW.