Connecting an iOS Device to Avalanche

Enrolling a device in Avalanche allows you
to enable and provide content for the device user.
This video explains how to connect your iOS device (such as an iPad or iPhone) to Avalanche. First you’ll need to create an enrollment rule to establish where the device belongs,
and then use that enrollment rule to connect the device.
To create an enrollment rule, select the folder in the navigation tree that you want the device
to belong to. Then click the Enrollment tab. In the Enrollment Rules panel, click Add.
Create a unique ID for your enrollment rule and then a password. The enrollment ID and
password are the most important parts, and for the rule we’re creating they’re the
only options we need to configure — but let’s briefly go over the other options
so you know what they are. There are two types of enrollment rules: group
and LDAP. Use an LDAP rule if you have LANDesk Mobility Manager and you want User Targeting.
Otherwise, you’ll want to use a group rule. When you use a group rule, you have the option
for Requiring LDAP credentials to access the corporate portal. This option is for devices
that have LD Portal. It means that the device user must provide his domain credentials to
log in to the Portal. If this option is not selected, a device user can log in to the
Portal app without credentials. You should only require LDAP credentials if you have
connected Avalanche to your LDAP server. If you are using an LDAP rule, the device
user is required to provide his domain credentials in order to enroll his device. To limit the
domain users who can use this enrollment rule, click Choose group. Then search for the organizational
unit or group that you want to limit the rule to.
Both group and LDAP enrollment rules allow you to present a EULA to the device user that
he must accept when the device is enrolled. Upload a text file if you want to use this
option. After you create an enrollment rule, you need
to perform a deployment. When the deployment is completed, you can begin enrolling devices.
To enroll an iOS device, open a browser on the device and navigate to the Enrollment
page. If you use the tinyURL in the Console, the enrollment page will open with the enrollment
ID already filled in for the user, or you can use this QR code to access the Enrollment page.
Type in the enrollment ID and the password associated with the ID.
Provide the domain username if it is an LDAP enrollment rule, and if you are going to manage
the device’s Microsoft Exchange account, provide the domain, username, and email address.
When you tap Enroll, the device connects to the server and appears in the Avalanche inventory.
If there is a profile applied, the device immediately pulls the configuration.
Once a device is connected, it will check in with Avalanche for updates every 24 hours.