CrystalDiskMark of Linux | Disk Read Wite Speedtest Linux | SSD or HDD speedtest | Samsung EVO 750

Hello friends today I am going to show you that how you can test the write and the read speed in the linux using the linux commands. You don’t have to use any third party software if you want to test your read and write speed of your harddisk. So first let me take you to the console and first we are going to check that which Harddisk we are using. So this is a very simple command if you can use it you can simply check which disk you are using lshw-class disk so here we see ATA disk samsung SSD 750. Here I am using a sublime test for copying some particular command so i do not have to type it again and again. So first I’m going to clear the cache so we don’t have any particular file in the cache then going to paste this command this is for write speed. This test is completed and it is showed us that it wrote the file at 270 mb per second which is it write speed again we have to drop the cache. Now this another command is for read, we drop the cache so that it didn’t pick the file from the cache. So right now it read the files at 276 mb per second so by using these commands you can simply check any disk so here I showed you the read and write of the Samsung SSD 750. Hope you like this video. Please like and subscribe and don’t forget to click on the bell. See you soon