Find MAC address on Windows 10

Hi, in this video I will show how to find MAC address of your network interface on Windows 10. I will cover 2 methods which are as following: 1. Find MAC address from Network and Sharing Center 2. Use ‘getmac’ command Let’s started with the first method. On Windows desktop, right-click on this network icon. And select ‘Open Network and Sharing Center’. Next, you’ll see active networks on this screen. In this example, I have 2 network interfaces: the first one is Wi-Fi network and the second is my LAN network. To get MAC address, click on the network that you want. And click ‘Details’ on the status window. And MAC address is this physical address. If you want to find MAC address of other networks, the steps are the same. If the network interface is disconnected and you can’t see it on active network, but you see it when you click ‘Change adapter settings’. As in this example, my Wi-Fi network is disconnected. And I can’t get MAC address by the first method. So you have to use the second method. Second method. Open Run window by press Windows + R keyboard shortcut. Next, type ‘cmd’. And click ‘OK’. And you will see command prompt window. Then, type ‘getmac /v /fo list’ as on this screen. And press ‘Enter’. It will list all network interfaces including disconnected network on your computer. And MAC address is the physical address. So that’s it for this video. If you have any question, please post below. Thank you for watching. Goodbye.