From Hack to Product, Eye Control for Windows 10

What power do you have to change
lives, to confront a problem and say, I can make a difference?>>ALS is a terminal disease
that causes muscles to atrophy and die. [MUSIC]>>ALS is an awful disease. It digresses over
two to five years from onset to potential death. That means we’re fighting
against the clock. With ALS, you become locked in,
but with technology, we can find ways to unlock
what has been taken away.>>The work that started three
years ago as a hackathon project, continues today
by a Microsoft team using technology to
empower those with ALS.>>We sat down with
some folks locally and we asked them the impact of ALS.>>As they discovered, sometimes a powerful solution
comes in the blink of an eye.>>The goal of eye control is to
allow people to use as much of the functionality of Windows as
possible using just their eyes. You could type by just
glancing at the characters instead of dwelling on each one. You could compose a word instead
of doing character by character.>>But turning that idea into
life changing technology was a constant
battle against time.>>So as your function
decreases, your world retracts. This is the only link,
really, to the outside world.>>It’s not like somebody’s
gonna die if you don’t do your work today. But in our case,
it’s literally like that. We are always racing against somebody else’s
progression of disease.>>Today, three years later,
the next stage of eye tracking technology is ready to reach
Windows customers worldwide.>>The eye control project has
helped me see how I can have an impact on people’s lives.>>You have these people
coming into our lives with the sole purpose of making
the world better for us, I mean is a gift beyond price.>>Microsoft eye tracking
technology can make a meaningful difference in
people’s lives across the globe. And we’re just getting started. [MUSIC]