Getting the 5,1 Mac Pro ready for macOS Mojave!

All right So today we’re gonna be bringing the Mac Pro up to date for Mac OS Mojave So it’s gonna be a less formal video. I don’t have my normal camera set up already, but let’s jump right in Alright, so this is my 2009 4 comma 1 Mac Pro that I upgraded the firmware to 5 comma 1 and Basically turn this into a budget editing machine. So this thing has a 6 cores ian at 3 gigahertz 3.33 actually as well as 16 gigs of ram bunch of hard drives So the graphics card that I put in this machine is an r9 380 and I just started having issues with this card Now what’s really strange about this is that I only started experiencing these issues after I updated the computer so you can see we’ve got all to all sorts of graphical distortion going on here the screen is it apparently is a responsive right now, but It kind of goes in and out. Sometimes it crashes while I’m trying to login I haven’t successfully logged in with the new upgraded graphics card with the r9 380 Plugged in so we’ll see if it logs in right now But you can see more graphical distortions the computers frozen of the screen just flickered now ordinarily I would think well this this is pretty emblematic of graphics card failure that’s you know Literally textbook examples of what happens when you have kernel panics graphics card failure that sort of thing However, in this particular case, I know that that is not true because I have bootcamp installed on this machine and the computer runs flawlessly with boot camp running Yes, so a couple of minutes has passed and we appear to be past the login screen Which is further than I’ve ever really gotten since I updated this computer, but we still aren’t actually in so this is not something that I really know how to fix and It also brought up the more important issue at least in my book of Future support for machine with Mac OS Mojave these older Mac pros are still supported However, they do need specific graphics cards. The the stock graphics cards on this the 2009 as well as the 2010 and 12 that have 5770 in them are Not metal supported so I don’t think they’re gonna run Mojave on them at least without a patch er now with all that in mind. I went on eBay and I bought this AMD rx 560 because the 560 is Definitely going to be supported. This is the same GPU family that Apple uses in the IMAX. They have the Radeon Pro 5 75 80 the MacBook Pros also use Radeon pros which are basically the same GPU die they’re just slightly different because they have the Radeon Pro instead of the rx but Because these are pretty much the same cards that are used in currently sold Mac’s they work out of the box in the Mac Pro and they will also support metal because the Graphics cards aren’t the same essentially as the Radeon pros. Additionally you can get these used on Amazon for around $100 which is a really good deal and actually less than the r9 380 That’s in there Goes for so the r9 380 was in there because I already had it and I didn’t want to go out and buy another Card, if I had one that worked just fine, but of course now it is not working just fine So we’re gonna go ahead and put this in the Mac Pro and see how that does Alright, so we’re just gonna go ahead and slap this card in Apologies for the camera quality here. This is more of an informal video So I didn’t want to pull out all of my camera equipment, but you can see Just how easy it is to replace these graphics cards All you have to do is slide this little notch here and slides over that’ll unbolt Whatever is in the PCI ports now the r9 380 that I have here Wow, that’s really hot considering that. I just, you know, turn the computer on and that’s it So that’s not great anyway you can see that I actually had to put two power adapters for this a graphics card because it requires external power the 560 does not require that it just runs off of the PCIe slot so I can remove these and it’ll also reduce the power draw of this computer, which is good because The power supplies in these Mac Pro’s are not that great and the r9 380 is a pretty power hungry card so I’m not too broken up about this being a slightly less Powerful card than the 380 the 380 is ever so slightly more Powerful, even though it’s an older card It’s not it’s not a perfect comparison and the 560 does excel in some areas but for right now, I just want to be convenience and the out-of-the-box support that this thing has These little brackets are really annoying to take out. Well, whatever. I’m just pulling it down. Oh It’s a big boy these these things take up a lot of space also, a lot of heat comes out of that card this this computer does get pretty toasty and as you can see, especially with three Normal desktop hard drives. There’s not too much space in here. So hopefully the 560 will run a little cooler uses less power It’s got some benefits to it Don’t need these power cords anymore Ok, so let’s grab our new card and I’m doing this one-handed which is not ideal alright So new card is in here as you can see it takes up a lot less space than the old card and you know Honestly, this this isn’t my favorite design for the heat shroud it’s kind of the MSI’s standard that that there’s some 10 80s that use this same exact cooler design and The problem at least for me. Is that look how tall this thing is. I mean, this is a humongous card It’s really long and it’s really tall which makes it really hard to work with and tight spaces But you know, whatever it does what it does Anyway, now we’re back here. We’re just gonna lock that in place and I’ll just tighten some of those thumb screws But yeah, I mean you can see I really didn’t use any tools or fancy equipment to get this done It really is so easy and effortless to work on his machines Uh, I wish that you could buy a more modern Mac Pro that has this kind of upgrade ability Holy crap. Apple come back. Come on Give us one of these And we are ready to go let’s turn this thing on Hopefully it should just be as easy as that Put those off to the side and I’m gonna go get this thing pull out back in. Alright, so now that we have our Cables plugged into the monitor we’re gonna go ahead and turn it on now as far as I know we should not have a boot screen because most of the time when you use Custom graphics cards, even if they’re natively supported. You’re not gonna get that Mac OS boot screen, but we’ll see what happens And looks like we are in I don’t see any graphical distortion so we should be good to go Logging in and it logs in absolutely fine. No problem whatsoever this I mean this is why I love these things It’s just so easy. Look at that Radeon rx5 64 gigabytes. It just works. I mean you don’t have to do anything. It’s so easy. Oh, this is why I love these computers They’re just so great So I guess we could let’s just run a benchmark. Shall we let’s fire up csgo see how it runs steam is not optimized Yeah, I don’t care. Alright, so here I am in csgo running at about a hundred and ten hundred and forty fps Yeah, we’re pretty much pushing the limit here Now one of the things that you’ll notice is there are some like weird flickering artefacts on the screen this is something I want to point out because This is not a graphics card issue. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this. Graphics card Oh No, okay Well, I died there. But either way there’s there’s nothing wrong with the graphics card sometimes For whatever reason, I’m not entirely sure why there can be these sort of graphical issues usually all you have to do is restart the computer or start it up with the The standard the stock GPU and then switch to this one But just be aware that there are some wrinkles when you install your own graphics card. It doesn’t run flawlessly However, you know once I do that, all I have to do is really restart the computer or something along those lines We are still getting a pretty solid over a hundred FPS pretty much Most of the time so this is definitely very playable And one of the other things I want to point out is I went into the system Information graphics and displays and looked at the RX 560 and I look down here and it has metal supported so that means that this GPU is confirmed to work in Mac OS moma B because that’s what the requirements States So this will run Mac OS Mojave Which means this nine year old Mac Pro is now fully supported in the latest operating system With a hundred dollar graphics card that you’d probably want to do Anyway, if you just had this computer with the GT 120, which is garbage, so that’s pretty incredible I’m very happy about this and I will keep you guys updated so You know, this video was kind of informal obviously because I’m not appearing on camera and I’m just filming with my phone But you guys told me in my welcome back video that you wanted to see more of just like the goings on behind the scenes And what I’m doing on a day to day basis, and this is an example of that So I hope you enjoyed leave a like down below. 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