How to Clone Mac OS X El Capitan with Disk Utility

Cloning OS X El Capitan with Disk Utility Hold the ‘COMMAND’ and ‘R’ keys while booting your system to load OS X Recovery. On the OS X Utilities menu, select ‘Disk Utility’ then ‘Continue’. If you have not partitioned the new drive previously, select the drive (or the USB adapter appearing in its place, as reflected here). Depending on your drive’s current formatting, the Partition and Erase options above will be selectable and either will allow you to complete partitioning and formatting of your drive. Both options will prompt for a Name (whic will be overwritten after cloning), a Partition Format (always use OS X Extended (Journaled) for a standard OS X environment) and a Scheme (GUID Partition Map). “Partition” will also include a field for volume size (the full disk by default, which can be left alone). Click “Erase” (“Apply” on the partition tab) to continue. Once completed, your drive will have a sub-line reflecting what you named the partition. Ensure that sub-line is highlighted in the left column. Select the “Restore…” option under the “Edit” menu. In the dropdown menu, select the name of your original drive’s partition if it is not the default choice (TECH MAC on the CT1000BX100SSD1 in this example). Click “Restore”. The time for the process will vary, and was shortened significantly in this video. After completion, click “Done”. From here, you can shut down your system, install the SSD, and begin using it!