How to control Spotify music in Google Maps (Android and iOS)

(upbeat music) – [Instructor] You can
get Spotify controls right in Google Maps. It means you don’t need to
switch to and from Spotify to control your music while you’re navigating
somewhere in the car. That can be better for your safety. You’ll make the connection
inside Google Maps. Go into Settings and then you
go down to Navigation Settings and now you find Show
media playback controls. Toggle that feature on
here to Spotify, Next. Yes, Okay. And then the Spotify icon
will be shown in Google Maps when navigating. Let’s go back to the maps. Okay, we are going to. – [Phone Navigation]
Head east on Uplandsgade toward Prags Boulevard. – And then you will see
the Spotify icon right here at the right on the screen. Press that and then you
can control the music right inside Google Maps like this. Next. We can pause it here. I have shown you how this
works on OnePlus 7T Pro but it works on all
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