How To Download macOS Mojave Installer on Unsupported Mac

If you are running some older Apple computer
and you want to download latest macOS Mojave installer for your Mac or Hackintosh, you
will get this error, “This version of macOS cannot be installed on this computer”. So what to do now? Fortunately Morgonaut has a solution for you. Hi, I’m Teresa from and
I help people with their Apple Macintosh computers or Hackintosh builds. If you are new here, then please click that
subscribe button and hit the bell next to it, so you won’t miss any of my future videos. Lot of people ask me how to fix this problem. So how to download macOS Mojave on unsupported
Mac? This is MacBook Pro Early 2011 and official
maximum macOS version is High Sierra. So when I try to download macOS Mojave installer
directly from Apple App Store, I get this error: “This version of macOS cannot be
installed on this computer”. Lot of people give up at this point. Please avoid downloading macOS Mojave, High
Sierra or any older macOS from some Hackintosh distributions like Niresh, Hackintosh Zone
etc. Always download it directly from Apple App
Store and create an installer yourself! That’s the only way how to be sure, your
system will be clean. I don’t say those distributions are not
clean and included some malware, spying scripts etc., but simply you can’t be 100% sure. So how to download macOS Mojave even on unsupported Mac? Fortunately some very smart guy called “dosdude”
created amazing and handy application called macOS Mojave Patcher. Navigate to this web page (link is in this video
description), scroll down and click on direct link to download this application. Once downloaded, open the the disk image and
copy the application itself for example onto your desktop. Open it with right click and Open, it will
bypass the built-in security check. Here in the top menu simply click on Download
macOS Mojave and select where you want to store the installer, I will create on my Desktop folder called for example Mojave Installer. And that’s all 🙂 Installer have few gigs,
so it can take long time on slow internet connection Once downloaded, you can use for example my
tutorial how to create a bootable USB installer for your Mac or Hackintosh, link is also in
this video description. BTW this dosdude guy who created this macOS
Mojave Patcher created also macOS High Sierra and Sierra Patcher. So as you could see, even on unsupported and
old Mac you can download official Apple macOS Mojave Installer directly form Apple’s servers
and create a bootable USB installer disk from it. So, I hope you’ve found my todays video
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