How to get Windows XP Updates Until 2019  – Windows XP End of Support

How to get Windows XP Updates Until 2019 – Windows XP End of Support

welcome back to the adventure this is
Adam and today we’re talking about how to get security updates for Windows XP
through 2019 we will get started right after this Windows XP entered
end-of-life on April 8 2014 Microsoft will no longer provide security updates
or technical support for the Windows XP operating system like we talked about in
the video found in the card above there are versions of Windows XP for embedded
systems specifically the POS ready 2009 Edition at the time the Windows Vista
codebase simply couldn’t be used for embedded systems so another edition of
XP was released this edition happens to still be receiving updates and will
continue to receive them through 2019 this is good news for any businesses
that have not yet upgraded from XP Microsoft has warned that using security
updates from the POS ready 2009 Edition on any other edition does not
necessarily make the system more secure we have three options to implement a
registry change necessary to start receiving new security updates the first
option is to navigate the registry and add the key manually to do this we will
need to open regedit then navigate to H key local machine
followed by system then WPA and the POS ready key you may need to create this
key if it does not exist once here we need to create a new D word right click
and from the context menu select new followed by D word for the name use
installed and for the value enter one the next option is to create a file that
will update the registry for us to do this we’ll first need to go into Windows
Explorer from the Tools menu select folder options click on the View tab at
the top deselect hide extensions for known file types with that done we can
open up a text document by right-clicking on the desktop and
selecting new and then text document then we can enter
the text found in the video description now click on the file menu and then
click on save as for the save as type select all files from the pulldown list
now we can name the file something like X P dot R eg the file extension is the
important part locate the file we just created and open it click yes at the
prompt and that will add the registry key for us the third option is to
install the unofficial Service Pack 4 for Windows XP we will cover the service
pack in greater detail in a later video for now suffice it to say installing the
service pack will add the registry key among other things I had some issues
getting Windows Update to work automatic updates was able to fetch the new
patches just fine I solved this problem by manually installing a cumulative
update for Internet Explorer 8 KB four zero five two nine seven eight a link to
the update will be down in the description with the registry change
made we will be able to open automatic updates and start installing new
security updates if you haven’t done all available updates before making the
registry change follow the card above for a video that explains the order to
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