How to install uTorrent (App) on macOS Catalina 10.15    |    2019

How to install uTorrent (App) on macOS Catalina 10.15 | 2019

For uTorrent installation on your macOS Catalina Open your web browser and Go to uTorrent main website if you get message like this safari can’t find the server it’s mean your country or internet provider block this site don’t worry we close safari and open other web browser in which we use VPN you can also use VPN in your safari web browser for access Block sites if you are using any previous Mac Operating system then I highly recommend you click on this close icon and download uTorrent Desktop Version 1.8.7 which is stable and full of features version of uTorrent but if you are using macOS Catalina or later version of macOS then type your (any ) email address on this field and click on sign up now click on “Continue to our website” it will redirect you on BitTorrent website why BitTorrent ????? we are downloading uTorrent right ? actually this BitTorrent is uTorrent How ? I will explain this later on this video anyway you can download uTorrent web version for you macOS Catalina by clicking on this link one more time I will recommend you if you are using macOS Mojave or any other previous version of macOS then download BitTorrent Classic which has more powerful features anyway for macOS Catalina you can click on this link this will download bitTorrent installer on your computer after download if you want you can close your web browser now Go to your Download folder and install BitTorrent if you don’t wanna install any extra software on your Mac then click decline here congratulation BitTorrent / uTorrent install on your computer now you can search torrent files by using this search field click on ” Add a torrent form you computer” here you can drag and drop your any torrent file for downloading you can also click on this Browse button for adding a torrent file from your computer one more time I click on this add torrent button because I will show you this next filed here you can paste your any torrent file link or using magnet for downloading your torrent file for deleting your torrent files please click on this trash icon you can click on this folder icon to see your downloaded ( torrent) files. this is by default your download folder click on this arrow button and click on this pause button for temporary stop your downloading if you again click on this button your downloading will be resumed in this section you can know a lot more about your torrent files like date of added number of files total size act act I stop this torrent and delete it click on this Gare icon for BitTorrent setting click on this checkBox and uncheck if you don’t want to start BitTorrent automatically when every you start your computer you can manually start your Torrent software when ever you need it if you don’t want to open your new torrent file in a new tab then uncheck this you can change your default download folder here you can change your torrent app language here you can adjust your download and upload speed here if you want you can make changes in below fields to know the question is that we download utorrent how it’s become BitTorrent ? in start when uTorrent updated his torrent app for macOS Catalina his name was uTorrent web it’s the same file size which we download earlier only difference this the name they use UTM instead of BTM rest of the file name is same same installing method same user interface even all the features are same to I don’t know why they change the name only for there own app anyway its doesn’t matter the good news is that know we use uTorrent app on macOS Catalina we have another very useful video about Complete Torrent solution for macOS Catalina link in the video description we introduce 5 best torrent software which is absolutely free and also run on macOS Catalina in this video we have a lot of videos about macOS Catalina and apple computer if you want you can check our channel playlist for more useful video like this please subscribe our channel and press the bill icon thank you so much for watching have a nice day 🙂