How to Make Media Server on Mac OS X 

Setting Up a media server with ever-growing in collections of music, movies, photos
and other media files taking up space on our computer’s there are little many of us looking to
move those collections to an external location like a media
server in order to save space on our disks and have our entire collections
accessible to all users at all times to achieve this you could buy a new NAS
network attached storage or a dedicated unit like a Drobo
but why not consider refurbishing your old
computer as your brand new media server for
instance if you’re lucky enough to have a old
desktop computer tower with up to four Sat a hard disks plus
extra RAM if needed and turned into a powerhouse
server indeed with a little help from disk
utility you could turn those extra hard disks
into a raid system using level 1 raid mirroring to ensure
maximum reliability even though this will mean your two
extra drives identical in terms of make model
and capacity and will become one effective system
with half the discs total capacity available because of the data mirroring now we’re getting down to the exciting
part configuring your Mac as an iTunes server with this method
you’ll be able to share your iTunes media with not only the other Macs on your
network but the IOS devices as well so long as they’re all connected to the
same router one transfer your music the simplest way to transfer your iTunes library to your new media server is to use Migration Assistant in
applications utilities and both computers need to be
on the same network connected to the same router run
Migration Assistant has normal but drill down to your music folder and
transfer only that set up your server remember both computers need to be on the same
network if you’re going to leave your iTunes
server running all the time go to System Preferences Energy Saver and make sure the computer sleep slider
is set to never and checked the check boxes on wake for
network access and start up automatically after a power
failure the check box put hard disks to sleep when possible
should remain empty and set the display sleep slider to any
sensible value to suit 3 get your so for running in tunes go to File Home Sharing turn on Home Sharing the main iTunes pane will then turn into a login window which
then you need to enter your Apple ID and password before clicking on turn on Home Sharing you’ll need to enable Home Sharing on
all the mac’s on your network that are running iTunes 9 or later
entering the same Apple ID and password on each setting up a file server it’s not only music you can share across
your network having the files you and other family members need to access
regularly in a central location can help to avoid
confusion remember however to back them up
regularly either with Time Machine or with a disk
cloning utility one prepare your server go to System
Preferences energy saver on your server and followed
the second step of the iTunes server tutorial we’d also suggest using System
Preferences network to set a static IP address by changing
the ipv4 configuration to be using a DHCP with manual address to do this you’ll need to find out about
your router IP address settings which is outside the scope of this
tutorial if you’re not sure how to do this you
can watch this videos where you can learn something about
networking enable file sharing every Mac you want to share files from
including your new server go to System Preferences sharing and
check the boxes next to file sharing and screen sharing 3 accessing your server to access your
server open a Finder window and look for the
name up your server in the sidebar click on it and you’ll be given the
choice either to connect as a user or share screen click your choice then
enter an admin username and password this should be an admin
user registered on the server not on your Mac once you’re in you can navigate the
servers contents as your own Mac you can watch a similar procedure in this
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