How to Remote Desktop Raspberry Pi SSH VNC on Mac OS

how to ssh and VNC to raspberry pile mac
OS from mac OS press command K or from the menu bar in finder enter on go and
then connect to server to connect to your pie from a different computer type
exactly the following URL command replacing with the IP address of your
Raspberry Pi or from terminal type the following command adding the IP address
of your pie when the connection works you’ll see a security authenticity
warning type yes to continue and you will be prompted for the password for
the pi log in on raspy and the default password is rasberry and you should now
be able to see the Raspberry Pi prompt which will be identical to the one found
on the Raspberry Pi itself now to connect to a PI over VNC using mac OS sometimes it is not convenient to work
directly on the Raspberry Pi maybe you would like to work on it from another
computer by remote control on your pie using a monitor or virus sh install the
tight VNC package next run tight VNC server which will
prompt you to enter a password and an optional view only password now start of
the NC server from the terminal this example starts a session on VNC display
one with full HD resolution now type and verify password for you to
remember you can skip the view only password and now you are ready to
install and run the VNC client in your computer for this you can use a program
called realvnc downloaded from the link and description below in this video
download the package file and open it during the setup you’ll be offered a
choice of installation type you only need the VNC viewer on your Mac
not the server so select custom and then uncheck the NC server click continue and
go ahead with the rest of the installation once the installation is complete open
finder then from applications on the left enter
the NC into the search box and open it now you will need to enter the IP
address of the Raspberry Pi followed by the screen number click the connect button and you’ll be
given an encrypted connection warning generally speaking this warning is only
applicable if the connection between your mac and the pie is going over the
Internet if you’re using a local area network or
a school network then you can disregard this warning
click continue and you’ll be prompted for the password that was specified when
you configure the VNC server on the Raspberry Pi earlier you should then find yourself at the
Raspberry Pi desktop to buy a pie starter kit follow the links and description below
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