How to Remove “Recents” in Mac Finder

– So you go to the Finder, and it takes you to this
weird recents place. Or worse, all my files. And it looks to be all of the files that you’ve worked on in forever. (upbeat electronic music) I’m gonna show you a sweet shortcut to make the Finder go
where you want it to go. When you first get a new Mac, the normal behavior is that, when you click on the Finder
to get into your files, it takes you to this recents thing which, really, it’s just
files anywhere on your Mac that you have looked at recently. And it can get really messy. So let’s say that your stuff
is organized in Google Drive. If you go to Google Drive, and it’s in Business Documents, and under My Important Documents, and you’ve put some time and effort into organizing this, but it takes a lot of clicks to get there, it’d be really nice to have a shortcut to take you straight here. I’m gonna show you how to do that. You just go to the Finder menu and you go to preferences and then you click on general. And then here where it says
new Finder windows show, you just pull this down and go to other. And then go find the folder
where you want it to go. So you just click on Google Drive, Business Documents, My Important Docs, and hit choose here. So now anytime that you
click on that Finder face, it takes you straight into
your stuff that you organized. (exploding noise) Boom. Mac epiphany. If your mind is blown and you want more, head to