How to reset safari on Mac?

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If your safari browser is running slow or if you are facing some other functional defect
in your safari browser, you will need to reset the browser for that open the safari browser
and click on this safari from top left. There are few things you will need to do, Let’s
start from the first. You will need to clear history, choose all history and click on the
same. This has cleared all history on the browser. After this again go to safari from
the top, preferences – privacy, remove all website data. This will remove all the cookies
on safari browser – Remove now. After removing cookies switch to password tab and delete
these passwords, select one after the other and remove the same. These are the passwords
that are automatically saved on the browser. Next shift to extensions, choose each extension
and uninstall the same. Reason of deleting all the extensions is You don’t really know
which one is causing problem so we are uninstalling each of the extensions that are there on the
browser. After clearing the extension click on advanced, menu and check this box- show
develop menu in menu bar. You will see develop on the top, then go to empty caches. This
has deleted all the cache on the browser. Next step is the clear bookmarks, for that
click on the bookmarks short cut and these are the bookmarks on my safari browser. Do
a right click and remove all the bookmarks. After doing all this close the safari browser,
click any where on the desktop and then go to GO menu. Move to computer, select the hard
drive. Go to library, open the cache folder. select all the files, these are the cache
files of safari browser, do a right cilck, move them to trash. This steps now needs to
be partly repeated. Go back to the Go icon, computer, hard drive , open the same, this
time open system folder, library, caches, select all these files and move them to trash
by doing right click. Last but not the least, empty your trash, do a right click or simply
delete all the files. After doing all this your safari browser should function properly.
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