How to restore Windows 10 system on MSI Notebooks

In this video, we will show you how to restore your Windows 10 operating system by using [F3 Recovery] and [Windows 10 Settings] This procedure is only valid for MSI notebook with Windows 10 preinstalled If your notebook originally came with Windows 8.1 or Windows 7 preinstalled And you have since than upgraded to Windows 10 This procedure is not valid Instead, check the procedure with following link for this system A system recovery is an ideal solution to solve problems caused by malicious software missing system files or use error We recommend all users to create their own system backup file with BurnRecovery tool first This backup will be able to save your system in case of most errors Users can find BurnRecovery manual by clicking on the information button Follow the instructions on screen and choose to create your own Recovery DVD or your Recovery USB flash drive Here are two things you should keep in mind before using BurnRecovery 1. To create a recovery USB flash drive. We recommend using a drive of 32GB or larger in size 2. Please check the BurnRecovery FAQ before starting the process Another option is to use [F3 Recovery] or [Windows Settings] to restore Windows 10 to factory default settings We will show you how to use these other options in the later video If you get an error message during [Reset this PC] with both [F3 Recovery] and [Windows Setting options] We suggest you to check FAQ or try resetting your Windows 10 system with option [Restore MSI factory settings] from the [F3 Recovery] menu Also note whatever you do, do NOT format or resize the recovery partition If something goes wrong during update process please contact MSI service center or check the MSI website for further information First, we will demonstrate the [F3 Recovery] option. There will be two options [Reset this PC] and [Restore MSI factory settings] When using [Reset this PC], you will get an updated operating system The system will restore to Windows 10 with previous rollup of Windows Update which was installed 28 days ago Lastly, [Restore MSI factory settings] will bring the notebook back to its original factory default Let’s start with the option [Reset this PC] (1) Boot up the system (2) Press F3 Hotkey to boot up, the system will boot into [Recovery Environment] (3)This is the recovery menu It will give you an option how to restore your Windows 10 system (4) Select [Troubleshoot] (5) Then, choose [Reset this PC] The system will give you two options. [Keep my files] and [Remove everything] If you have personal files you like to save, please choose [Keep my files] The other option [Remove everything] does what it sounds like It will remove all your personal files and wipe the system completely To continue, we choose [Remove everything] If your system has more than one drive you will get ask if you want to remove data from system drive only or from all drives You will also get ask if you want to clean the drives We choose [Fully clean the drive] to continue AC power is required to reset the system Make sure your system is plugged into the wall during entire process Press the [Reset] button to command the system restoration The system recovery will take some time Once done, your MSI notebook will be running an updated version of Windows 10 The system can also be restored to MSI factory settings by using [Recovery Environment] To use this option, power on the notebook and use F3 Hotkey to boot into the [Recovery Environment] Select [Restore MSI factory settings] to remove all user data and reinstall the factory image Choose [System Partition Recovery] to start restoring to factory default settings At this point, user will be reminded that all your files and settings will be lost if you choose continue Select [Yes] to continue Select [Yes] once more to start the system recovery Let the recovery tool run its process Once done, click [OK] to exit it and select [Continue] to restart the system Once rebooted, your system is back to factory default. Enjoy it As mentioned before, we can also use [Reset this PC] from [Windows 10 Settings] This means you will get an updated operating system meaning you will get Windows updates from the last 28 days include in your factory reset Form the start menu, choose [Settings] From [Settings], choose [Update & security] Here choose [Recovery], [Reset this PC] and [Get Started] Again, choose [Remove everything] in the options Choose [All drives] to remove all files Choose option [Remove files and clean the drive] to continue As before, a power source is required Make sure your system is plugged into the wall before continue the process Here choose [Reset] The system recovery process will take some time If you feel like a cup of coffee, this is the probability that you should have it Once done, the system will reboot, and you can enjoy your all new and fresh Windows 10 system again Another option that we will get you know is [Advanced startup] in [Windows 10 Settings] Under [Recovery Setting], you will find another option called [Advanced startup] If we choose this option, system will reboot to the [Recovery Environment] The menu access is the same as we found before with [F3 Recovery] button Follow the previous descriptive steps to [Reset this PC] or [Restore MSI factory settings] You should now hopefully have good idea to restore your Windows 10 notebook If you have any further question, please don’t hesitate to contact the MSI customer service team You’ll find all the help you need on our official website We hope you find this tutorial helpful Thanks for watching and have a nice day