How To Update Your iPhone to iOS 12

hey what’s up it’s Jerad with State of tech
and today we’re gonna update an iPhone to iOS 12 now if you have anything that
is an iPhone 5s or newer then you’re going to be able to update to iOS 12 if
you don’t have a device that is that new which the iPhone 5s is actually pretty
old then you’re not going to be able to update past the last version and that’s
not necessarily a bad thing it’s simply that those devices have enough power
have enough processor power and Afram enough storage to be able to support the
latest version of iOS so when you’re thinking about upgrading or updating to
the latest version you definitely need to take some precautionary measures to
make sure that all your data is backed up so depending on the version that
you’re updating from things are gonna look a little bit different I’m assuming
that you’re probably coming from iOS 11 and updating to iOS 12 that’s what is on
this device here but the process for backing up and kind of making sure that
all of your stuff is safe is gonna be the same regardless of what version of
iOS you’re on these things just may look a little bit different so when you’re
watching my screen when you’re seeing my screen here just keep in mind that
things might be a little bit different so I actually have my wife’s phone here
we’re gonna update today because my iOS device is already updated I was playing
around with the beta version so I’m gonna go ahead and unlock it now before
starting I recommend that you charge up your phone and that you plug it in with
the cable now the phone here is a hundred percent so we’re gonna be able
to do the backups we’re gonna be able to do the software updates without any
problem so the first thing that I think you should do before you really get too
far down the road is free up storage making sure that you have enough storage
for the next version of iOS now these phones these days are coming with a lot
of storage on them so chances are you probably have a lot of available space
but if you have an older phone that has maybe 16 gigs of memory or maybe 32 even
you might be getting close to running out of space so what I recommend is
installing google photos the Google Photos app allows you to back
all of your photos to the cloud for free google gives you unlimited free storage
and it does compress your images a little bit but you’re not going to
notice any difference in quality the images are backed up they give you
unlimited and so why not take advantage of that so you’re gonna need to go into
the App Store if you haven’t and download the Google Photos app and then
sign in using like a gmail account or a Google account if you have that so
you’ll know that things are done because the this little meter here is going to
show you how many images it has to back up and so it says that there’s just
three because my wife uses Google photos I showed her this a long time ago and
she’s been backing up her stuff ever since you know she used to run out of
memory all the time when she had a 16 gig phone this phone I believe is a 64
gig so there’s plenty of room now but it’s still good to backup those photos
if you don’t have a backup of your photos in your videos then if something
happens to your phone you’re gonna lose all of that stuff even if you back up to
your computer or something like that say something happens to your phone and your
computer you’re still gonna lose all your photos and your videos so I
recommend using Google photos because it is free to backup your photos in your
videos and you get unlimited so why not take advantage of that there’s also some
neat tools and things that Google photos does just to kind of make the experience
great I’ve absolutely loved using Google photos to backup and I tell all of my
family and my friends to use Google photos to backup because there’s nothing
worse than losing all the photos and all the video clips that you’ve shot over
the years all right so you get that cool little check mark in the cloud there to
let you know that things are complete if you do need to free up space simply tap
on the menu over here and go to free up space and it’s actually gonna scan your
phone and then look at what it has already backed up into Google photos and
it’s gonna say you know what you could basically do and it says delete 2709
items to free up space so you can actually hit that delete button and it’s
gonna free up space on your phone by deleting what store
on your phone now that sounds a little scary but it’s really not because
everything is available here in the cloud and if you needed to get to a
photo and download it so for example here’s a photo of my daughter if we
needed to redownload that photo all you have to do is just go to the share sheet
and of course you can save this to your files there’s several different ways
that you can access this image you can share it to others you can download the
original you can edit it there’s all sorts of these send it to friends so
there’s lots of things that you could do with your photos here as long as you’re
connected to a data network or to Wi-Fi you’re gonna be able to access all your
stuff so does it really matter so much if it’s stored on your phone unless
you’re accessing something all the time and you just don’t want to use up data
accessing it there’s really no point in storing it on the phone
so what I will probably do on any phone just because I want to have as much
available space as I can is just hit that free up space click on that delete
button and it’s gonna go ahead and delete all of those items that are on
the phone while making sure that there are backups so it says delete nine
photos from burst and other items they’ll become combined I’ll go ahead
and hit that delete and it’s gonna go ahead and delete all those items from my
phone but of course they’re backed up so it does not matter now after it deletes
and clears up all that space on your phone it lets you know that there still
is one additional step that needs to be taken now when you delete photos and
videos off of your phone they go into the trash and they stay there for thirty
days so in order to get that free space back on your phone you have to take this
last step however this is a chance for you just to double check that everything
is backed up so you can go and look and make sure okay I’ve got all of my photos
backed up and then you actually need to go to your photos app so we’ll go to the
Photos app will scroll to wherever the trash can is recently deleted right
there and you can see that it shows all these
photos and when they’re basically going to be deleted
we would need to select and then hit delete all and delete those items and it
would clear them off of the phone and free up the space so now after it
finishes this process we’re gonna have all of that space available so that we
can make sure that we have enough space to run that software update now that you
have all of your photos backed up and some additional free space on your phone
it’s time to run an iCloud backup now iCloud has actually gotten really good
over the years the backup is seamless it’s easy to run and as long as you
don’t have a ton of stuff on your phone you don’t even really have to pay any
extra money for it so in order to backup your phone you’re gonna need to go into
the Settings app so just swipe down type in settings and tap on that icon and
then up at the top it’s going to show your name and you can access all of your
iCloud settings here now if you don’t see this you might be running a slightly
older version of iOS and you simply just need to scroll down to where it says
iCloud so I’m gonna go ahead and tap here and then I can tap on iCloud and
then it’s gonna show me how much storage I have available now with all of our
Apple accounts we get a small amount of storage available for free which is
usually enough to backup your you the basics of your phone now if you do need
more space there are ways that you can free up more space on your phone
we just freed up a ton of space on this phone by deleting the photos and videos
after having backed them up but you can actually tap on manage storage here and
see where all of your storage is being used up so you can see here that we’ve
got 2.1 gigs and iCloud drive that’s probably photos and videos and stuff
like that that got moved over to iCloud drive so I could even go and clear up
some space there by managing that data you can also see what apps are using
iCloud here and which ones are keeping things backed up and then you can scroll
down even further and see the different apps that are installed on your device
and whether or not they’re backing up data now we’re gonna go ahead and back
up our iPhone to iCloud simply scroll down and choose iCloud backup and then
backup now now if your phone hasn’t backed up to
iCloud before it’s probably going to take a little bit of time to do so I
recommend plugging into a charger and letting it go if you have iCloud backup
turned on chances are it is running overnight when your phone is plugged
into a charger so I recommend keeping your phone plugged in at night because
when your phone is not being used and you’re sleeping and it’s being charged
it’s gonna go ahead and run that backup every night so the backup completed and
you can see that the last successful backup was at 8:10 a.m. which is right
now that’s good we want to make sure that that backup is recent so that we
don’t lose any of our data in case something happens so now that we have
our photos backed up to the cloud and we have our iCloud backup we can go ahead
and run that software update now if you didn’t have enough room to do a backup
to iCloud you can always plug in and do a backup using iTunes on your computer
to do that you simply plug in connect the other end of the USB cable to your
computer when iTunes launches you follow the prompts and do a backup so to get
access to the software update if you haven’t been notified on your phone
already you simply go to your settings click on general click on software
update it’s gonna go ahead and show that there is an update available
you’re gonna hit download and install it’s gonna ask you for your passcode and
then it’s gonna go ahead and start downloading now it is a pretty large
file so it’s gonna take a little bit of time to download even if you have a
pretty decent internet connection you’re going to want to be connected to a Wi-Fi
connection here because this is a large file and downloading a large file like
that will eat up a lot of data and in most cases it won’t let you download the
update unless you’re connected to a Wi-Fi network so when the update is done
downloading and processing it’s gonna prompt you to install and there should
be a countdown that’s just gonna happen if that doesn’t take place you can
scroll down to the bottom and tap on install it’s gonna verify the update and
start processing it this is gonna make your phone reboot once or twice and so
this process may take a few minutes I recommend plugging into a charger at
this point and just letting the phone go through its process it’s probably
depending on your phone get a take anywhere between 10 minutes and 20
minutes it just really depends this is an iPhone 6s so it should be kind of in
the middle but if you have a slightly older phone it could take a little bit
longer now the install process has done the phone
will have restarted and it prompts you for your passcode of course because the
phone is restarted your fingerprint is not going to suffice you’ll have to put
in your passcode to unlock it so you get this message that says update completed
now if you are updating from an older version there may be a few extra steps
to go through such as resetting up some permissions and stuff like that so just
follow the prompts agree to the terms and conditions by hitting agree keep
your iPhone up-to-date by hitting continue or if you prefer install
updates manually but I recommend hitting continue now screen time is a new
feature that’s gonna track the amount of time that you use your phone and
different apps and give you some insights into your behavior now I like
this personally because it’s gonna help keep me in check to make sure that I’m
not using my device too much and that I’m interacting with the world around me
so I’m going to go ahead and hit continue to set this up and hit get
started and then of course I can go in and fine-tune later there’s some carrier
setting updates that I’ll need to hit update on which are gonna be specific to
my carrier you may or may not see that message on AT&T I did see that message
so now the software update is completely you know that the update has been
installed because we go down to settings we go to general hit about and you can
see we are on version 12 so iOS 12 has now been installed everything is good to
go at this point I would recommend making sure that your iCloud backups are
able to run as we talked about at the beginning of the video it’s important
that your backups are running in case anything ever happens to your phone now
if for some reason during the process your phone did not completely restart or
it’s been over an hour and the software update has not completed I would
recommend restarting your device and you will need to force restart your device
so in order to do that you would press down the lock button and the home button
for an extended period of time and it would completely restart your phone
now the process on an iPhone 10 is gonna be a little bit different because there
is no home button you have to hold down the lock button and the volume up so
that’s gonna do it for this video on how to update your iPhone to iOS 12 I hope
it was useful if you have any questions or there seems to be a problem you’re
running into feel free to ask it down in the comment section below I’ll do my
best to hang out and respond to those of course you can always contact Apple and
they will walk you through the process or if you have an apple store nearby
that’s probably your best bet sometimes issues can happen now if you do run into
a situation where your phone completely goes sideways and the process is bad you
can completely restore your phone I will provide a link down in the description
below that walks you through how to restore your phone and through that
process during the set up you would then login to your iCloud account which is
your iTunes account and then select that backup that you ran it’ll take a little
bit of time but it will run that restore and it will restore your phone exactly
back to where it was that’s why we ran that update to begin with so I hope this
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