iOS 12.4.2 is Out! – What’s New?

hi everyone Aaron here for ZolloTech and
Apple surprisingly released iOS 12.4.2 this is available
for iPhone 5s, 6, or 6 plus and supporting iPads as well I’ll list them over here
but this particular update is more of a security update and maybe a small
performance fix so let’s go ahead and take a look at it now depending on which
version you’re actually updating from the size of the update can vary greatly
you’ll see on the iPhone 6 that I have here it’s 2.3 6 gigabytes so it can vary
greatly depending on which version you’re updating from on the iPad air
first generation that I have here you’ll see it’s three hundred and 1.6 megabytes
and this update says it includes improvements provides important security
updates and is recommended for all users now before we talk about what’s actually
new in it let’s take a look at the build number you’ll see the build number is 16
g11 4 and the interesting thing about this particular build is there is no
IPSW or update file for devices that support iOS 13 so if you have an iPhone
7 8 10 any of those you cannot get twelve point four point two it’s just
not available so what they’ve done is gone back and patched a security
vulnerability that’s in the 5s the 6 the 6 plus supported iPads but also they’ve
pushed the same security update to Mac OS and watch OS so watch OS gets updated
to five point three point two if you have an older watch on Apple watch
series 1 and Apple watch series 2 until they get watch OS 6 which comes a little
bit later for some reason and then also Mac OS 10 point 14 was released to
include the same security update so I don’t think this is specific to
jailbreakers and so what it says is a remote attacker may be able to cause
unexpected application termination or arbitrary code execution and so that
hopefully fixes whatever that vulnerability was found in where people
can remotely access your device and run code and maybe take control of it now
that may or may not refer to a jailbreak but I don’t think it’s specific to that
just because of those Mac OS and watch OS updates now as far as performance and
changes like that I really would not expect
much of a change in fact I don’t think you’re going to see very much and also
if you’re part of that jailbreak community I wouldn’t update anyway in
fact my iPhone 6 is actually on iOS 10 so you’ll see it looks very different I
like to keep older devices on the older updates but I have tried this on the
iPad air which this is running that version and it seems to work fine it
does feel a little bit faster not very much but a little bit now other than the
security update that I’ve already mentioned there isn’t any physical
changes that I could find I could find no one talking about anything they’ve
found and you’ll see it does seem to actually work a little bit better than
it did before the Settings menu does have a little bit of stutter from time
to time but it’s much more usable than it was prior to this update so they may
have tweaked something in the background if I go into Safari for example you’ll
see there it’s a little bit jittery here but much better than it was before with
the iPad air so whatever it is I would say it’s a little bit of a performance
boost but I wouldn’t say it’s a phenomenal update and to expect a bunch
of changes this is more of a security patch and that’s it that’s it for iOS 12
point four point two and I’m glad to see apples actually continuing to update
security and maybe fix some bugs that are in the background although they’re
not really talking about that but that’s really it let me know your thoughts
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