iOS 12.4 Beta 4 and iOS 13 Beta 1 – Follow Up

hi everyone Aaron here for ZolloTech &
iOS 12.4 beta 4 has been on my XR for the past few days and I’ve been using it
primarily as my main device now currently I don’t have my sim card in it
and that is because I switched from this phone to the XS Max today with iOS 13
so we’re going to cover twelve point four beta four and iOS 13 and beta two
and when it should come out and what we should see a little bit differently
hopefully and iOS twelve point four beta four was something I wasn’t going to
cover as far as a follow-up but quite a few of you responded to the YouTube
community poll and wanted to see it an update so I figured I could at least
talk about it a little bit so for me as far as it being stable I think it’s
pretty stable I had my sim card in it all week like I said and that’s because
I’ve been away from home and if you saw some of the videos with the updates
that’s why I was at a pool and things like that so if you haven’t seen those
check them out and I’ll be outside sometimes from time to time doing videos
but that’s why now as far as settings some people were saying that was
freezing up I’ve still had no issues with this which is great no slowdowns no
problems in fact I’ve had no problems with iOS twelve point four beta four at
all no freezing no apps locking up nothing crashing and in fact I’ve had a
really good Wi-Fi and LTE signal so I’ve had no issues with that now I don’t have
my SIM card in here because it’s in this phone now but I’ve had no issues no
problems whatsoever so whatever they’ve done seems to have really helped me at
least on this phone as far as battery life is concerned I’d say it’s about the
same as beta 3 which was okay for me so this phone has a hundred percent battery
health I do switch between phones so that does help a little bit but if we go
over the last ten days you’ll see it looks pretty low here but if we go to
this one seven hours seven hours four hours this is 10 this was plugged in so
that doesn’t really count but it’s been pretty good so seven hours screen on
time 15 minutes screen off time and that’s with about 20 percent battery
life left at the end of the day so it’s pretty good overall I would say I have
no issues with it whatsoever and we’ll talk more about what you had
to say about 12.4 beta 4 and iOS 13 in a moment so I just hit low-power mode on
this have been using it all day and battery life is not so great on it for
me and also it’s incredibly buggy there’s apps I can’t use the things like
that I’m really looking forward to iOS 13 beta 2 and that should be on the 17th
based on previous years when iOS 12 and 11 came out with their Vedas so probably
the 17th that could be pushed to the 18th but probably the 17th and then a
couple weeks later July 1st July 15th and it may speed up after that but
normally that’s how Apple does it and I would expect the public beta either the
first or the 15th I’d be very surprised if they pushed it that late but the
public beta will be in July according to Apple if they hold true to what they
said at their keynote now other than that iOS 12.4 beta 4 is kind of odd
because I had a build number that ended in the letter D which means we’re a few
betas out from the letter A which usually signifies we’re getting close to
a final release so there may be a couple more and that’s really just holding off
for apple cart I think at this point so it could be sometime in July or it could
even be next week we don’t really know apples kind of mysterious with iOS 12.4
and it’s kind of strange because it seems mostly done now with beta 2 I
would expect a little bit more stability hopefully a little bit better battery
life battery life for me today anyway now this has been plugged in as well a
little bit today but battery life for me today hasn’t been well hasn’t been great
so 2 hours and 18 minutes and it’s just not been a great experience but I do
like iOS 13 and what it has to bring to us as far as features and changes and
things like that now if we take a look at the youtube community poll now this
poll has 6,800 votes and I really was not anticipating making this video but
37 percent of you wanted to see a 12 point 4 beta 4 video along with another
2% so 39% 32% of you said no or 13% said I’m on 3rd iOS 13 and 15% said I use
Android so there was quite a few different things you had to say down
here as well but it’s great because you covered both
iOS 13 and 12.4 beta 4 so I read through all of these different comments and a
lot of them are just what device you’re using so that’s good but we don’t know
exactly if there’s anything going on with it so nothing new only got a new
modem and no battery or modem number and battery is okay so that’s pretty good
again I said iOS 12.4 beta 4 is nothing really exciting but it seems to be
pretty stable see here we on iOS 13 out here man going through the rough times
that’s for sure if you’re using it I have heard some people having a great
experience but most people I talked to say it’s awful and they’ve tried to
refer back please do the follow up with old devices oh I meant to mention this
earlier with iOS 13 running on the 6s plus it seems to be pretty good in fact
it’s quite fast if I go into music you’ll see it opens quickly we’re gonna
for you go to library it’s pretty quick to go between different apps and I’m
surprised how quick it is quite honestly so you’ll see it loads a little bit
slower but it’s quite an old device compared to the XS Max but speed and
everything seems fine so to talk more about older devices right now they seem
to be right on par with the newer devices
so other than features in that weird issue other than features it’s they seem
fine iOS 7 all of the supported iOS 13 devices along with iOS 12 devices and I
will cover more of those in future videos but I just want to let you know
there’s not a whole lot to talk about it’s the same experience that we’re
having here just had seven point nine point one update on my airport extreme
what’s different that’s more of a bug fixed security issue Apple’s not making
those devices anymore so I was quite surprised to see an update for it quite
honestly iPhone 7 works a lot faster now on iOS 12 point 4 beta 4 and that’s
another reason I go through these polls is it helps you understand what other
people’s experiences with the different phones so I can’t possibly use all of
them equally so it’s better to do it through the poll I think so that we can
have more of a fair overview of what’s going on for everybody
so you’ll see for me beta for is quite fine not not really
spectacular feels very similar to to 12.3 really looking forward iOS 13 in
September probably jumping on the public beta in July I’d love to learn more
about iOS 12.4 beta 4 performance on the XR it’s fine
looks great works great for me and the modem seems to be working fine so no
issues with connectivity for me currently using iOS 12-point 3.1 on the
XS Max would you recommend updating the public beta of iOS 13 normally what I
tell people is if you have to ask that question if you’re not willing to deal
with bugs I never recommend updating to a beta if you’re willing to put up with
bugs report feedback definitely you could try it but not usually real real
fun of people updating to that early on because they’re going to have issues
unless you know what you’re getting into then it’s completely fine but when
someone ask me should I do it I normally say no just because well you’re thinking
I can’t deal with the bugs or something along those lines
I’m waiting for iOS 13 I will not be updating to iOS twelve point four I
don’t feel that there will any there’s not any significant improvement but
there’s always bug fixes and security updates I highly recommend updating to
the latest versions they always fix all the issues and then we start with new
issues all over again in September one the versions come out but that’s it for
this time around let me know what you think in the comments below and let me
know if you want more update videos on iOS 12 0.4 or iOS 12 I will continue to
support those phones that are not supported by iOS 13 if there’s something
new for them of course I’ll cover it in the future let me know what you think in
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