iOS 13 – How to go back to iOS 12

hi everyone Aaron here for ZolloTech and
I wanted to show you how to downgrade from iOS 13 to is 12
maybe you’re on the public beta or the developer beta this guide will show you
how to actually go back now there are a couple things that you have to have in
order to do this the first thing is you will need a Mac or a Windows computer
with the latest version of iTunes on it without that you cannot go back so you
will need a computer with the latest version of iTunes now the other thing to
know is that you are going to have to wipe the phone in order for this to work
there is not a way to restore it right now with saving data I’ve tried that it
actually almost bricked one of my phones it’s the easiest to wipe it and then
actually restore the the previous version and then restore all of your
data so that said you’ll want to make sure you have a backup prior to iOS 13
so that you can restore to that that data so without that data you won’t have
any of your different files now that said if you use messages in iCloud or
photos and iCloud that information is stored on the cloud and you should be
able to get most of that back regardless as long as you turn those features back
on so I’m going to show you how to do this now
iOS 13 supports the iPhone 6s plus that I have here and you’ll see if we go in
here we can flip the dark mode and it’s the latest version of the developer beta
so to go back what we’ll need to do is really there’s a couple different ways
to do this but the easiest way is just to put the phone in recovery mode in
once you put the phone in recovery mode iTunes will just automatically download
the latest update and then install it so you could use a file like an IP SW
firmware file that’s the actual file name that you would install on the phone
this is the easier way to do that so I’m going to show you how to put all of the
different devices into recovery mode there’s three different styles of
devices one is the iPhone 6s or 6s plus with a physical home button then you
have a seven or 7 Plus and an 8, X, XS, or XS Max or XR so in order to
put an iPhone 6s or 6s plus into recovery mode we’ll go ahead and turn it
off now you can jump ahead to the next ones I’ll
list them in the description to help you out power down the phone and in order to
put a 6s or 6s plus into recovery mode hold the home button just hold it down
make sure you have iTunes open on your Mac or Windows computer and then plug in
your lightning connector so plug that in keep holding the home button though when
you plug it in you’ll see the Apple logo pop up wait for it here and now you’ll
see the recovery mode and it’s changed with iOS 13 it’s now a little Mac with
what looks to be a USB C port or cable so now this one’s in recovery mode now
in order to put an iPhone 7 in recovery mode it’s a little bit different again
power it down it’s already off what you want to do is hold down the volume down
button on the iPhone 7 this is a jet-black iPhone 7 it looks like an 8
but it’s a 7 hold down the volume down button and
then go ahead and plug in your phone and then what you’ll do is once you plug it
in release the volume down when you see connect to iTunes pop up so we’ll just
keep holding it keep holding volume down here and now we’re in recovery mode now
with the iPhone 8, 8 Plus, X, XS, XS Max, and XR it’s a little bit different so
what you want to do is close iTunes if you did have it open then go ahead and
plug in your lightning cable so we’ll plug this in
it will probably pop up iTunes on your actual computer and then once that’s
open what you want to do this one is a little bit different is push volume up
volume down and then press and hold the side button so we’re going to press one
to hold the side button and then we’ll wait for it it’s actually powering off
or on here it will power off by itself you’ll see it powered off I’m still
holding the side button you’ll see the Apple comes up like that keep holding the side button and now
we’re in recovery mode so again volume up volume down hold the
side button now at any time if you need to get back to or get out of this
recovery mode just unplug and then kind of do the same thing volume up volume
down and hold the button and it will do a hard reset on the phone and that will
bring you back so if you haven’t restored yet and you’re having an issue
that’s how you do it so now let’s go ahead and actually restore the phone so
I’m going to restore the iPhone and 6s plus so let’s plug this in while holding
the home button and get into recovery mode now that the phone is in recovery
mode you’ll get this message in iTunes it says there’s a problem with the
iPhone that requires it to be updated or restored go ahead and click update and
then we’re going to hit update again and then we’ll have to restore it it should
pop into this menu by itself so iOS 12 point 3 point 1 is the current latest
version of iOS 12 point 3 and let’s go ahead and hit next we’ll click agree and
then we’ll wait for it to download and then it will start to restore into the
iPhone now if you want to see the actual download status just click this little
arrow up here in the upper right so it’s showing you how large the download is
it’s about 3 gigabytes and I’ve got about 76 seconds left of course this
will vary depending on your internet connection so now the phone is rebooting
and it will begin to restore the phone now if you run into the error that I
just received you can always try it again it’s not going to hurt anything
you’ll just click restore from here again so go ahead and click restore
restore and update and it’s going to do the exact same thing and try and restore
it again sometimes it takes a couple tries but just try it again if you’re
having an issue now after rebooting the restore is working now sometimes you do
need to make sure you’re using the right cable or try a different one if it’s not
working properly I’m using the same cable as I was before and I’ve used it
many times but sometimes you may run into this issue so if that’s giving you
a problem try swapping your cable as well so we’ll wait for this to restore
and we should be back on iOS 12 now you can see it says iPhone has been restored
to the factory settings and it’s restarting now it’s restored and it’s
asking me to setup a new phone on iTunes although it’s still rebooting on the
iPhone itself now keep in mind if you did not turn off Find My iPhone prior to
doing this you will need to enter your iCloud password once it reboots so just
keep that in mind you probably have that since you’re installing the beta’s
anyway but without that it will activation lock so you’ll see the phone
has rebooted we’re ready to go we can just hit the home button here we can set
it up manually or add it to our account now this is where you’ll either set it
up as new or restore from an iCloud backup if you have a backup you can do
that if not set it up as new and then your data will just come over if you
turn on iCloud and things like that and now we’re back to iOS 12 so if we go
into settings go to general here then about now you can
we’re on iOS twelve point three point one we’re fully restored and back to
normal now if you use iCloud you can just turn on iCloud messages many of
these things will restore such as your photos and just make sure you follow
that process and you’ll should be back to iOS twelve point three point one it
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