iOS 13, iOS 13.2, iOS 13.3 and newer has bugs – How to submit feedback properly so Apple hears you

hi everyone Aaron here for ZolloTech and
Apple actually values your feedback and while some of you may say that’s kind of
funny I think it’s pretty true because of two
different things now if you’ve watched any of my iOS update videos or beta
update videos you’ll know that I’m always telling you to report feedback in
the feedback app but the feedback app is only on beta software so in order to
report feedback on maybe an idea you have for a new feature a problem you’re
having or just something else there’s a couple ways you can do that on a regular
public versions of iOS so I wanted to share with you how you can do that and
Apple usually takes this information and prioritizes it and based on the amount
of feedback they get they’ll work on those problems so let me show you how to
do that so if we go into Safari we’ll go to Safari and you’ll see I’m at a
website that says feedback assistant Apple comm now this is one of two ways
you can do this so let me show you what I mean so here we’re at this feedback
assistant and in this one you’ll actually have to log in with your Apple
ID so if you want to provide feedback this way you can just hit this button
here and it says where would you like to start your feedback and then you can
report for Mac OS TV OS iOS and iPad OS and this is more for beta users but you
can use it then go to iOS and iPad OS we’ll wait for it to load and it says
please provide a description title for your feedback so you want to be very
clear in what the problem is let me turn this down a little bit you want to be
very clear what the problem is so for example maybe you’re having and not an
app reload because that’s not necessarily Apple’s issue but maybe
rotation isn’t working on your phone you need to say something along the lines of
phone rotation not working so it’s very clear then you select the problem area
and down here you’ll see a third-party app accessibility and it’s got
everything categorized so that you can pick exactly what it is
everything from dark mode to you’ll see notifications photos you name it it’s in
here then you can tell them what type of issue you’re having you want to explain
it in detail what’s going on and then you can actually attach a file as well
and that could be a video that could be anything else so if you
hit the little button you’ll see you can browse your photo library take a video a
screen capture and show them exactly what’s going on and then you can submit
your feedback and once you do you’ll just have a list so if I go back here
you’ll see you’ll have your list and this is just a beta software
announcement but you’ll have a list here and it will give you more detailed
information sometimes they’ll actually respond and ask for more information so
that’s one way you can report feedback but there’s another type of feedback as
well so if we go to another tab and of course I’ll link these in the
description this one is slash feedback and if you go to
slash feedback you can select iphone or whatever your reporting feedback on so
if i zoom in here it’s going to ask for some information your name your email
address your subject and then this is where it’s a little bit different your
feedback type so feedback type could be a feature request a bug report
performance software hardware compatibility or other so a feature
request could be one that I hear all the time is why is the phone dialer when it
rings taking up my whole screen or things like that so many people want to
see that changed I would highly recommend that you just go here and tell
Apple hey I want this feature and then also you can do bug reports so maybe you
don’t want to go into that other app or login you can do this here so both of
these ways are really great simple ways to provide feedback directly back to
Apple and then they can use that feedback to improve their software
despite what many people think there are a lot of people saying there’s a lot of
issues but if you don’t report it through this feedback app or through
those websites Apple has no way of knowing that because they don’t have the
millions of people using their software if their own campus for example so if
your beta testing software that’s the point provide feedback and how it’s
going for you and then if you’re on a public version that’s the only way we
can submit that feedback so I’m actually logged in in a different version of this
feedback app where I submit some issues and I like to submit as many as I can
but I can’t submit as many as you possibly could so I would highly
recommend you go there submit your feedback and hope
we get some of those features and changes that a lot of people want I
think the number one thing that’s requested though is when a phone call
comes in it takes up the whole screen I see that probably at least a few times a
week from many of you either commenting or emailing me directly I see that a lot
so hopefully Apple listens to those requests in that will get them to fix
these issues that I talk about in the videos regularly so make sure you do
that and hopefully this helps if you have any other questions or comments
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