iOS 13 Public Beta 3 & Dev Beta 4 – New Features and Weekly Update

hi everyone Aaron here for ZolloTech &
iOS 13 developer beta for public beta 3 and iPad OS developer beta 4 in public
beta 3 have been out for about two weeks now and I wanted to do a weekly update
until the full version comes out so I want to talk about even though I did a
follow up things change over that amount of time and I’ve been using iOS 13 beta
4 on my iPhone XR I switch up phones from time to time and I’ve also been
using it heavily on my 12 point 9 inch iPad pro so I wanted to talk about my
experience with that but also a few new features that were discovered over that
couple of weeks and then also whether or not you should install it if you haven’t
already so the first thing is there are 3d touch now that’s unfolded with
notification that wasn’t there before so if you 3d touch on this one you’ll see
it’s showing me that I have a couple different notifications and it’s showing
me where they’re located so inger and amazon photos so if a folder has those
notifications on there it will show you specifically where it is there’s also a
new toggle in the control center for announce Siri with messages so you’ll
see right here this little toggle we can turn it on and it says announce messages
on let me turn it back off and it says announce message is muted until tomorrow
so again if you didn’t see that on and then off until tomorrow and so that’s a
nice little toggle you do have to add that into settings and then if you go to
control center here it is something you have to customize an ad so announce
messages with Siri so if you want to try that out it’s there there’s also a new
little icon or indicator when you have multiple devices paired to one device so
if you go into settings make sure you have two pairs of headphones attached
and I can show you how to do that in a different video so maybe you have air
pods and power beats Pro you’re sharing with a friend put one in your ear and if
you go into the control center you’ll see this little icon appears letting you
know you’re sharing it if you 3d touch on volume it shows you the different
devices controlled or paired and you can adjust the volume independently within
the control center so it’s a nice little new icon that just lets you know you’re
sharing it and you do have to add them here
have this little icon and make sure they’re both checked here so as long as
you have that going and they’re paired it will show up once I take the air pod
out of my ear it disappears so that shows up now so
that’s really nice now if you’re watching a video and you’re in photos
going to photos or watch a video here you’ll see with this video we now have a
little favorites button as well as a trash can so we can delete it that’s new
within the videos when you’re watching that within the Photos app and then
there’s two new changes to the iPad as well so if we go on to iPad OS now an
iPad OS they’ve made a small change and that’s to the keyboard so if you use the
condensed keyboard so we shrink it down just with a pinch then we want to drag
it around the shadow is more pronounced so you know that it’s kind of hovering
over things they’ve also made it a little more rounded on the outside edges
so it’s just minor little tweaks when it comes to this now another thing they’ve
changed is the command tab interface for iPad OS so let me show you that if we
swing the keyboard around here then if we command tab on the keyboard hold
command and hit tab we can cycle through our applications this isn’t anything new
per se but the actual interface looks a little bit different so they’ve changed
this up a little bit so nothing crazy here it works well tap what you want and
you can go in and switch quickly between applications so that’s a little bit new
now as far as the experience iPad OS has become crazy buggy again for me if I go
into Safari and then I want to use this shrunken keyboard sometimes it doesn’t
work properly and to touch him put lag there it goes it’s not working I can’t
drag it around the touch input just doesn’t work sometimes there it goes and
it’s it’s just not responsive and I’ve found this to be the case more and more
as I’ve used iPad OS so maybe there’s something there that I have to reboot it
and I’ve had to reboot it one or two times now just to get the touch
responsiveness back so I don’t know what that is of course we’re going to
continue to update this in the future now when it comes to iOS touch
responsiveness has been good I actually have not had any app crashes or anything
and I have had some weird rotation issues when I’m in maps for example I
used Siri to look up an address I used it for navigation and it would
rotate to landscape it worked fine for a while then all of a sudden it wouldn’t
and it’s just doing some really strange things I really have not had any other
issues with it though and I can say if you want to install it you will have a
few bugs here and there and again just report those to feedback if you’ve seen
any of my other videos you know that feedback is very important so provide
that to Apple and hopefully they’ll just update things with the next beta and
speaking of the next beta I would expect the next one to come out probably on
Monday or Tuesday of the 29th or the 30th so I’m in the wrong month here but
the 29 through the 30th I would expect a new beta and beta 5 and then maybe in
August we’ll start to see weekly betas usually when we get closer to the launch
in September of iowa’s 13 we’ll see new betas coming out more rapidly usually
weekly and then we’ll see a final release as far as his battery life is
concerned it’s a beta so don’t expect amazing battery life but it’s been ok so
this is over the past week or so that I’ve been using on this device I
switched from the XS Max to this just to try a little bit different experience
but it’s been pretty good overall so you’ll see 5 hours and 31 minutes of
screen on time 34 minutes of screen off time and that’s with about 20 to 30
percent battery life left so not as good as a public release for me but it’s
actually been pretty decent as far as battery life is concerned and that is
really it for this beta so as I usually do I’ll link this wallpaper in the
description below let me know if you’ve found any other little tweaks and
changes in the comments below oh also people keep asking me if I
should install it will watch OS 5 work with it and this is on watch OS 6 but
yes watch OS 5 and 6 will work with iOS 13 if you’re not on iOS 13 and you want
to use watch OS 6 you can’t so it works backward but not forward so
keep that in mind and that’s it again like I said I’ll link the wallpaper in
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always thanks for watching this is Aaron I’ll see you next time