iOS Auto Clicker for IPHONE and IPAD! –  WORKING on iOS 12! | NO JAILBREAK 2019 | Harrison Broadbent

iOS Auto Clicker for IPHONE and IPAD! – WORKING on iOS 12! | NO JAILBREAK 2019 | Harrison Broadbent

hey guys Harrison here and I’ve had tons
of people asking me for an iOS auto clicker video as a follow-up to my
Android auto clicker video so here it is you don’t need to jailbreak your iPhone
or iPad which is great but it can be a bit tricky to set up this method so make
sure that you follow along and pause or rewind the video if you need to catch up
alright so the first thing we’re gonna do is open up the Settings app and go
into the general section and then into the accessibility options scroll down to
the bottom of the page and press on accessibility shortcut and select switch
control from there go back to the accessibility page and scroll up to the
switch control page go to switches and then add a new switch using the screen
in full screen and we want to set it to select an item go back now to the switch
control menu go to recipes and create a new recipe called auto clicker press on
the assign a switch item and select full screen this next part can be a bit
tricky so listen carefully select the custom gesture option and this screen
will come up what we’re gonna do is tap exactly we want the auto clicker to tap
for most games you can just tap in the center of the screen and it’s fine but
maybe you want to tap in the top corner or something and that’s fine too once
you know where to tap what we’re gonna do is tap on the screen a few times in
the spot we want our auto click at a tap as fast as we possibly can and then
while the dots are still blue we’re gonna press save in the top right this
can be a bit tricky to get right but don’t worry if you don’t just press
cancel in the top left and then give it another shot once you’ve done that go
back to the recipe screen and under launch recipe selected the auto clicker
that we created so now we’ve made the auto
clicker but how do you actually use it easy first open up the app you want to
click in from there you need to triple click the home button and what this will
do is activate the switch control mode now whenever we tap the screen the
gesture that we recorded before will automatically run and if you tap fast
enough what you can actually do is cue up actions so that even when you stop
tapping the gestures will continue to run for a bit to deactivate the auto
clicker just triple press the home button again now unfortunately there are
some big downsides to using this method first of all you have to triple click
the home button every time you want to activate it and then you have to triple
click it again to deactivate it and actually touch anything on the screen
but the bigger problem is that this auto clicker doesn’t actually click for very
long unfortunately though you can’t really get much better than this without
jailbreaking your device so while this method will definitely speed up your
clicking and hopefully give your hands a bit of a rest it’s not gonna let you put
your phone down and have it automatically click for hours and hours
like I said before the only way to do that is by jailbreaking your device so
guys thanks for watching I hope you enjoyed and I hope you found this useful
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got any questions leave those in the comments section apart from that thanks for watching and I’ll catch you in the next video all righty
kiddos Auto clickers for your I, O’s and S’s that’s what we’ve got here for you today
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