It starts with Linux

Linux in general is what’s driving the innovation of today. From virtualization to cloud to containers to Kubernetes, the reason why these platforms exist is because Linux existed. And so it’s still the foundation of everything you do. So we start to see customers now using these four footprints of physical, virtual, private clouds, and public clouds. That’s the biggest change today is customers are really taking advantage of those four footprints for what’s appropriate for the application to run, but they want to run that as one environment. But the first change had to be Linux. The second change had to go from that to virtualization on top of Linux. The next change is to public cloud, and now we come to Linux containers to be able to be the vehicle to get those applications all across. That’s what we mean by consistency for the application, so that an IT department that has applications spread across all of those footprints can manage it, secure it and orchestrate it in one consistent way.