Johnson Millennium 150 / 250 : Transferring Operating Systems from Amp to Amp

In this video I will demonstrate how to transfer
the operating system and patch information from one Johnson Millennium to another Johnson
Millennium. This video is in response to questions I have
had regarding updates, and at this point in technology, the safest update is amplifier
to amplifier. If you don’t have a second amplifier to update
from I would suggest using a community board, such as craigslist to find someone in your
area who does. The only thing you’ll need are two standard
5-pin MIDI cables. The connections made will be from the MIDI
input and outputs of each amplifier. The Johnson with the data being sent will
be referred to as “the source”, and the Johnson receiving the information will be referred
to as “the target.” Photos of the Source amplifier are tinted
blue, and photos of the target are tinted red to aid in clarity. Begin with both amplifiers powered down. Using
the first MIDI cable you’ll need to hook the MIDI out/thru of the source to the MIDI in
of the target. With the second MIDI cable, connect the MIDI in of the source to the MIDI
out of the target. Both connections are necessary in order for the process to begin, and complete. On the Soruce Johnson hold the “store” button
down, and power the amplifier on. When the message “waiting for flag” appears, proceed
to the next step. On the target Johnson hold the “tapit” button
down, and power the amplifier on. When data transfer has begun, the “Receiving data” message
will appear – and this will happen automatically. A cursor in the form of a dot will move from
left to right, indicating progress. On the source JOhnson a set of values will
continually update indicating that MIDI data is being sent. The entire process can take
over 15 minutes so be patient. Do not turn off either amplifier prior to the update being
completed. When the process is complete the target Johnson
will automatically reboot, and the source Johnson will display the number of Errors
and Fixes executed through the process. Depending on which Operating System you are updating
from and to the number can vary. If you have additional questions, please feel
free to post them in the comments or conact me through my website which is