LGR – Dem Bonz – DOS PC Game Review

Greetings! And welcome to LGR Quickies: Reinvigorated. And, yes, this is a series that I attempted to do several years ago. And you may or may not remember it. I barely remember it, but I still like the idea. Even though I stopped doing it
because I stopped liking the idea. They just really weren’t different enough from my normal reviews to continue doing. Now, these, these are going to be. It’s basically just me talking about a game or something related for a few minutes at a time. Not doing fully fleshed out reviews. Just a quickie, you know? It’s not the full experience. But it still can be a lot of fun. Hopefully. So, let’s go ahead and get to *today’s* Quickie, and that is going to be on a game called Dem Bonz. Or “Dem Bahnz,” if you look at the title. Heh-heh. And, yes, this is on a very high quality label here from my childhood. I marked out my name. I wrote out the name of the game in pencil. Or maybe it was my brother, I’m not entirely sure, because we both played this game. Largely because he was into the idea of the
game of dominoes at the time, specifically the physical ones. And… He couldn’t always find someone to play with. I know I would just rather play
a game on a computer alone instead of against him, so we had this game. Dem Bonz. And this was something that was downloaded, I think, through AOL. Either that or a bulletin board system,
I’m not entirely sure. Either way, the game came out in 1995 for MS-DOS, and it was created by Barrie Sargent. And you know, VGA graphics and MS-DOS
and basically monochromatic and… I LOVE that kind of stuff,
even though the game is incredibly simple. It had this really neat title screen that just dithered in very slowly, even on a 486. And… it was just neat to see all of the bones creating the characters for the title screen there. And then it had that unmistakeable look of high-resolution VGA mode for MS-DOS with the text and everything, and the way the… the lines looked so sharp on a CRT, and it just looked good for what it was. I’m not saying it’s a good-looking
game because it’s really not. In fact, if anything, it’s inspired by Nels Anderson’s Mah Jongg game for MS-DOS from the late ’80s. In fact, Mr. Sargent for Dem Bonz in the README said that
it was inspired by that, as far as the aesthetic of the game, that… that sort of, ah, pseudo-3D look to each one of the dominoes themselves. But yeah. Doesn’t really matter because this is a game that we played and it passed the time. [laughs] Don’t really have a whole lot else to say about it. Except that, for whatever reason, it sticks in my mind! And part of it has to do with
this hideously ugly floppy disk, [laughs] It’s just that–it’s uglier than
anything else I’ve ever kept around. It looks like there’s wallpaper paste on it, and maybe a few boogers. It’s just really gross. And… the game has a similar feeling to me. [laughs] I’m not saying the game is gross, but the game is…primitive. And this is the shareware version. There was a registered one that you could get for $15. We never obviously got it, because 15 bucks
on a friggin’ dominoes game? I don’t think so. Even though it’s a very solid game for what it is. You try to, uh, clear out your hand of dominoes before everyone else. And there’s some scoring involved depending on you place them around the board. And you have to connect the, uh, similar pips to each other. It’s dominoes. I don’t want to explain dominoes here. I do want to eat some pizza, though. Um, pizza would be nice. But, uh, I don’t think we could talk about pizza exactly. One final thing that brought
Dem Bonz to mind in later years, other than this ugly floppy disk, was when I moved to the Caribbean
to the country of St. Lucia, just living on the island there and becoming
involved in the culture and everything and I came across slam dominoes, or slam doms, It’s basically the exact same
thing that you play in Dem Bonz, maybe with slightly different rules,
but four different people sitting around a card table with some dominoes. And when you were, uh, you had something to place down, you didn’t just plop it down intricately in a line in a neat little row, like you see in Dem Bonz or a normal game, you just– [slam] Slam it right down on the table Everything gets messed up and it gets really heated. Everybody’s just bam, bam, bam,
slamming it all around the table and it’s really… [laughs] It’s entertaining to watch! Even though it shouldn’t be because
it’s just a game of dominoes. And that brought to mind Dem Bonz, because this was really like my
only experience with dominoes, at least the game of it. To be honest, this is *still* about the
only way that I’ve ever played dominoes. Maybe I’m missing something,
maybe I…I don’t know! I have Dem Bonz, though, so I don’t really care! And it’s one that I remember, and it’s obscure. And, uh, it’s just stuck in my head ever since. I do like it. I just don’t think that I would recommend seeking it out. [laughs] Even though, if you do know where you could find a
registered copy, let me know. Or… if anybody knows how to
contact Barrie Sargent, let me know. It’d be interesting to hear. Just not much information out there at all. And I’m curious. And if you, uhh… Frick, I don’t know. I’m done with this video now. I don’t know how to end it, because this is new. I guess we’ll figure this out as we go along! So I’ll just say, thank you very much for watching. So as I said earlier, I’ve been considering
bringing back LGR Quickies for a long time, but in a new and even lazier style,
and this was the first result! I hope you enjoyed it, but please
let me know what you think, though. The whole idea really is to just
cover games in five minutes or less with no script and some basic gameplay footage. And this should let me talk about stuff
that I normally wouldn’t be able to, from tiny shareware games like Dem Bonz to massive RPGs like The Witcher III and whatnot. I’ll still be making normal reviews, of course, and may even revisit some of these
Quickies in larger reviews later on, but in the meantime, this should let me
release my thoughts on way more stuff. And once again, thank you very much for watching.