Linux Mint 19 UPGRADE guide

if you are using Linux Mint 18 or any
previous version of Linux Mint now you are able to upgrade it to Linux Mint
19 in this video you will see a step-by-step guide how to do that before
you start upgrading to the Linux Mint 19 I would like you to consider these
important points first if you are using Linux Mint 17 or Linux Mint
18 and you’re happy with your system do not upgrade these two systems will be
supported until 2019 and 2020 1 respectively so if it’s unbroke don’t
break it but if you still want to upgrade I recommend you to try Linux
Mint 19 from a live USB first this way you will be able to test how it performs
on your system and you will also see if you like the new Linux Mint and the
third point is to backup all your data I have already published some videos on
how to do backups if you watch them before and use those methods you can use
it to backup your data or you can install timeshift which was recently
introduced as a backup tool for Linux Mint actually this is what I am going to
start this video with in this tutorial I’ll mostly use the terminal because it
is the most reliable way to do the upgrade the first thing we need to do is
to install time shift type sudo apt install timeshift press enter here you need to enter your password blindly so you see
nothing when you type it and press Enter the program timeshift is being installed
now you can go to the menu and open it you need to enter your password this
visit will help you to set up the backup process for your system if you don’t
know what BTRFS is select rsync click Next here you need to wait
for a while until the program will analyze the size of your system usually
it automatically detects your hard drives and suggest you a place to do the
backup as you can see here this is my system and this is another hard drive
which I used to create a backup so here in this step you need to select the hard
drive where to backup your system I recommend you to use an external hard
drive for example a USB hard drive which you can disconnect from your system
force upgrade process so I select hdb1 this is my another hard drive which is
connected to this system while my system is installed on this hard drive so I
select it if you aren’t sure about the hard drives and you don’t understand
their names here you can also look at their size so this will give you an idea
where is your system and where is your hard drive for backup for example here
as you can see this hard drive has 21 gigs free so it’s completely empty so I
can backup everything here I click Next here timeshift suggest you to create the
schedule for backup in our case is not necessary because we gonna do only one
backup so I don’t select any schedule click Next and the setup is complete
click finish now this is a Timeshift interface we have
selected where to back up our system we just need to make that backup you need
to click on this create button to create a system snapshot so to backup
everything from the system to an external hard drive so it takes quite a
while so I will post this video and you’ll start the again when the backup is
complete when the backup is complete you will see the snapshot you can use it to
restore a system to the state before the upgrade if the upgrade process fails
completely and you cannot boot to your system anymore
you can also boot from a live USB start the timeshift program navigate to a
snapshot and restore it so now when the data is backed up we are safe to start
the upgrade process but before you do the upgrade you need to completely update
your system so open the update manager and apply all the available updates you
can click refresh first and install the updates next you need to make sure that
your Linux Mint version is 18.3 to check that go to the menu and open the
settings in the settings if you look for info an open system info you will see a
version of your Linux Mint so if your Linux Mint version is 18.1 or 18.2 as in
my case you need to upgrade to the version 18 point 3 so let’s do that
open the update manager and here in the edit menu you can see the option update
to Linux Mint 18.3 click on it and just follow this wizard click Next yes if you
want you can read the release notes either click Next here
again new features if you’re curious you can check this new features – I will
proceed so here we are warned that after the upgrade we may experience some
problems but we have backed up our system so if something goes wrong we can
always restore the previous state of the system so it is fine we agree we
understand the risk and applies the upgrades and there is a password the
upgrade process has started you also need to wait quite a while until the
system is upgraded if you’re curious you can also click on these details and see
more details about the upgrade process I think it’s more entertaining to see
what’s happening and hopefully you will see the message that the operating
system was successfully upgraded but to complete this upgrade it is good to
reboot your system now let’s check the version of our system again go to system
info and as you can see it is 18.3 so this is the version you need to upgrade
to linux mid-nineteen also linux mint 19 as well as linux mint 18.3 change the
display manager so we need to check what display manager currently is installed
on your system and if it’s not lightDM you need to change it to lightDM to
check your current display manager type cat etc x11 default display manager and
press enter as you can see here on my system it is
MDM display manager and this is not what you need to make the upgrade so
let’s replace this MDM display manager with lightDM dislay manager you
type sudo apt install lightDM lightDM-settings and slick-greeter enter a password and
agree to install these packages okay here this is very important step you
need to select lightDM here because this is a new display manager the one we need to
make the upgrade successful select lightDM and press enter now you can remove MDM
display manager type sudo apt remove with the option purged MDM Mint MDM themes
yes remove it now you need to reconfigure lightDM to do that type sudo
date pkg reconfigure lightDM and press Enter after these steps reboot your system here’s our new lightDM display manager this
is how it was before and this is how it is now enter your password and login
into the system before they start the actual upgrade
process there is one more preparation step if you configure it Update Manager
to use local mirror you need to switch back to the standard mirror to do that
go to edit software sources’ entering a password and here in the mirrors you
need to select the standard Linux Mint mirrors to do that simply click here
restore to the default settings now we have the standard mirrors update the
cache open the terminal and let’s start the upgrade process first you need to install
Mint upgrade to do that type sudo apt install mintupgrade Again enter your password blindly and press Enter
next you need to run kind of a dry upgrade process so this
way you will be able to check how the upgrade process will happen on your
system but nothing will be actually changed on your system you type mintupgrade with the command check and press Enter
now you simply need to follow the instructions on the screen yes we want
to continue basically this dry run will help us to understand if the grade
process is possible during the upgrade process it is possible that the upgrade
program will remove some packages you don’t need to install them back it will
happen during this step so we agree here yes and we will need to take notes of
those programs which have been removed during the upgrade process so now if you
scroll up you can see what packages will be removed as you can see here the
following packages will be removed so check all these packages some of them
should be removed because they are from older version of Linux Mint but if there
are some packages which you installed deliberately and they removed by the
disappeared – you will need to install them back so simply take notes of those
packages in my case I used mostly the default programs so nothing important
will be removed I can proceed with upgrade you can also see here that there
was no error and no problems so it means we are safe to start the actual upgrade
process let’s clean the screen and the first step will be to download the
packages we need for the upgrade again we type mintupgrade with the option
download so this step doesn’t do the update it
simply downloads on the packages which are required for our grade so this step
changes the repositories of your system if for some reason you don’t want to
upgrade and you want to restore the repositories from your previous version
of Linux Mint you can run the command mintupgrade restore sources yes here so
the download process takes quite a while because we downloading the completely
new version of the distribution now when all the packages are downloaded we can
run the upgrade program so keep in mind after this step everything will be
irreversible so if you need to do any changes of you forgot something go back
and do the changes so for example if you have not backed up your system go back
and do the backup so again you need to run the command mintupgrade with the
option upgrade yes so here is additional warning that it is not reversible we
understand that and we say yes here again the upgrade process to Linux Mint
19 Tara has started if you see something like this you simply need to accept this
license you can scroll it with your arrow keys on the keyboard and to accept
it you need to press the tab key and enter again you select yes with your
arrow keys on the keyboard and press Enter you may also be asked to enter your
password so do that so as you can see there is a warning here so during the
update process the program tried to create this file fstab.upgraded but
it failed to do so so there was some error in the script
but this is okay because I know that my fstab file is fine if you are unsure
about your files you can always check their content for example we can type
cat /etc/fstab so this is the original file which will be used during the boot
of our system if you type here backup this is the backed up version this is
the version I said before so it was created by me because I remember I
created it and if you check these two files you will see this number and these
numbers are different but it is okay because I changed it I know that this
number is the correct one and there was a third package which was the pkg see if
you can check it too so again you can see these are the two drives which will
be mounted on my system it ends with c4 this one ends with 33 and this one ends
with c4 but I know that c4 was correct so everything is fine I know that these
files are correct I will try to reboot now and hopefully I will be booted into
my new Linux Mint 19 the first good sign We already see the loading if linux
mint nineteen so the system has booted successfully let’s login here it is
Linux Mint 19 let’s go to the system info and check it yes as you can see it is Linux Mint 19
with the kernel 4.15 let’s check if everything has been upgraded to do that
you can simply run sudo apt update basically we just going to up check for
updates and try to install the any updates available which were not
installed during some great process first we will update the cache with a
comment update and now we can modify this comment to the upgrade now nothing
is fine everything has been upgraded successfully and some packages were not
removed as you can see here it suggests us to run this command to remove these
packages let’s do it yes we want to remove this obsolete packages basically
if you check these packages you’ll see why it suggests us to remove it
because it is Linux kernel for point 10 which is the obsolete version it was
installed with the previous Linux Mint now we have a new way kernel and some
other packages I also just obsolete so let’s remove them so the system has been
cleaned and this means we have successfully upgraded the Linux Mint 19
I also would like to mention that the official upgrade page from Linux Mint
says that your system may get stuck after the upgrade process so it gets
stuck at dev mapper crypt swap one if it happens just follow these
instructions to fix it as you have seen it ddn’t happen for me luckily
also keep in mind if you have no success upgrading to Linux Mint 19 you can
also consider an option to make a fresh install but with that option you will
also need to install all non-default programs yourself Linux Mint is the most
poly distribution out there so usually the upgrade process goes smoothly but I
still recommend you to wait a few months until everything is checked and all the
possible bugs are fixed so this way you will be safe you of course welcome to
upgrade right now but to be sure that you will have as little problem as
possible I recommend you to upgrade like in two months so if this video helped
you to upgrade please give it a like if you have experienced any problem
you’re welcome to post it down in the comments I or my other viewers will do
their best to help you thank you for watching