Mac Miller SWiMMiNG: The Journey (Film)

I’m back man I got another record yeah
and you look good man there’s light in your eyes.
Thank you thank you there is
Was there light in your eyes when you started making this album? Yeah it was a lot you know I went on a journey with it like any record and it took a long time for
me to even figure out what it was Because you’re asking a lot of questions
on it too Yeah and and usually I finished a
record and the next week I know exactly what I’m doing next, all right.
That’s how it usually goes that’s why I’ve been able to come every year um but this time
it took me a while to figure out like what I wanted to say what kind of music
I wanted to make and it was just a lot of experimenting so we finally landed on
some type of a path and we figured it out Everyone always wants to know what my
intention was when I’m making a song But I think it’s very important for things to
be left unsaid I hope that this music touches people in their own way Mac Miller- yeah think that right now he’s just, you know, he’s still trying to figure out who he is. He was just going through a lot and he found the way to survive in this world and make money, but I still
honestly think that Mac Miller is trying to find his purpose I’m probably gonna cry a few times
during the course of this thing I’m an emotional guy Performing ladders from his new album
swimming, Mac Miller You get the urge and the itch to tell people “Don’t worry I’m okay….Don’t
worry I’m okay,” because you know like I have people that care about me and fans
that that love my music and it’s a beautiful, a beautiful relationship If I sit down can you guys see me still? so I dropped an album today look here’s the bottom line you can’t help who you fall in love with period Right. It’s not that unique, you know, like I was in love with somebody, we were together for two years We worked through good times, bad times, stress and everything else, and then it
came to an end and we both moved on and it’s that simple like it says it’s all
positive energy you know like I am happy for her and moving forward with her life
just as I’m sure she isn’t with me Tell me you love me, spin me
around. Pretty please pick me up in the air and don’t put me down
seen it all unfold sat back and watch knowing time don’t give a …. about
clocks until they stop.Bare feet runnin late
her car started even though the only thing is she driving a hard bargain. More
important is I’m kind of sort of out the door but
she put me back together when I’m out of order Perfect You get worried about your legacy, which
is not what you should be doing right that’s… that was my problem I kept on
thinking about how will I be remembered right when this is over
what about I’d be remembered for what am I gonna.. I wasn’t worrying about the
present which is most important so for me that was a big shift in state of mind
was to stop worrying about what people would say when I was dead I’m gone and
start work start worrying about what I was doing today. Fifty years when they
look back at me they know it’s like who the …. cares.Llike so once I got rid of
that it was easy Thank you guys
That’s Thundercat on the shaker A beautiful job man Yeah your first reactions to think about
the well-being of others which is kind of crazy when you should be actually be
just concentrating on yourself to some degree but I understand
-But you just you just realize you have time
-Yeah It’s like it’s like there
will be a time to to address those things but everything is, you know, will be fine is because so deep because there’s so
much that still has to be released so much then I think it’s gonna constantly
evolve a lot of this music obviously he had not shared you have to think about
is this stuff that he wanted to share and how much of it should you share
because it’s a huge huge body of work but I do think that that Mac being who
he was I do think that that is something that he probably would would have discussed
with people yeah I think so like you know I would see him in he would play me
some like chunk of an album that hadn’t come out yet and I’d be like so what are
you gonna release the series of these because there’s ten of them stashed
away like what are you doing and he’s like “You know some day” he kept bringing people to the studio
kept creating and built out this family that was much bigger than than any
artist that I can think of and those are real relationships those aren’t just
like you’ll come through and like let’s play music for each other this was like
let’s actually work that’s actually like grab meals let’s like see each other and
hang out and be real friends I have a tendency to
really drown myself in my work do you mean like nothing else exists and I
think it’s just kind of like perspective actually adds to the whole process
because you want to talk about life so you have to live a
little you knew where you stood with Mac
you knew when you saw him like that’s my boy whatever I saw him whether it was
backstage Lollapalooza or rolling loud for a minute I’ll be like yo what’s good
how are you doing with things what’s up like and he knew what I meant
he knew I meant I was asking about drugs and alcohol and how wearing was I just
like how are you and we’d have a quick second I – I where we just have a moment
just be like what you good like yeah I’m good and or he’d say like you know he’d
be honest with me well you know I’m drinking now but I’m good I got I got
this blah blah blah and I just always want to make sure he’s okay and he
always made you feel he was okay and that he was happy and that surmises how
selfless this kid was
-Like I haven’t been on the internet so you know people
have assumed that um you know like are you okay is everything okay like why did
you drop off line I don’t know it just all seemed kind of like unimportant do
you know like like the need to show people I was okay like what what is that
where does that come from Oh everything that happened and it was just
too much you know like I’m looking on the internet and I’m like like I already
have my own feelings and emotions and thoughts about what I’ve went through
so why the …. am I gonna have room for all of these morning everybody is DJ envy Angela Yee
Charlemagne the God we are the breakfast club we got a friend to the room I don’t
know these guys no more yeah bitch my favorite white guy Mr. Mac Miller is my mic on
yes yeah I mean um I’d say stop thinking so much that’s
what I would say I feel like the world thinks too much I feel like if they just
spent more time living and just not thinking that’s me you know I I don’t
think ever and and I’ve seem to be doing okay I’m a happy guy I don’t know I just
I just feel like a lot of good could come from people just going off their
gut and going off their basic instinct and going off what their heart tells
them rather than what when they think about it what they feel they should do
but I mean that goes both ways because there’s some sheisty …………. in
here that if you did you just don’t use your head to know you know but for the
most part I think that you know some people just need to stop thinking about
everything they do and just do it but who wants to take advice from a 19 year
old kid having all that space is a pro and a con that I liked for a while but that’s
more dangerous than actually LA is just kind of just sitting there by myself all
the time you know just me it becomes like it becomes toxic so yeah that’s I
think that’s really what sparked me doing other drugs is because I hate
being sober I wanted a drug to do a lot of this so-called a lot of this
growth creatively is really just me growing as a human being you mean and
and understanding what what it’s like to to do things properly and what makes you
feel good and what what’s what’s good for you in life and what’s not
I mean I all these trials and tribulations aren’t different than
anybody else is just it like I let everyone into all them The story painted itself you know it’s too
easy to be like oh he’s here he goes back back to what we you know mean back
to what we’re used to I lived a certain life for 10 years and
faced almost no real consequence at all I had no no version of the story that
didn’t end up with me being FINE Some sad news from the music world the
rapper Mac Miller is dead at the age of just 26
the Pittsburgh natives real name was Malcolm McCormick he’s known for songs
including self-care loud and smile back he also wrote a song titled Donald Trump
all the way back in 2011 TMZ reports the reaction on Twitter this is you know
it’s too much he did really good for himself
and he really he made it on his own you know coming on the independent label and
that’ll never be forgotten Pittsburgh will never forget him his fans will
never forget immediate man tough day for the rap community as far as the past you
know you know young legend Mac Miller we did get a chance to talk to him two
days before he died but also two weeks before he died and this was so valuable
to us too and meaningful to be able to tell him how much we loved him and he
returned the favor to us and and and how valuable we were to him…….Mac Miller was the
very first of my peers to give me a verse he got in a video with me like
this is like that’s just this is kids is dope
everybody to concert with a thumbs up Mac Miller and we went on after that
every time I called him for anything he gave me a verse whatever I need it
they still don’t it still don’t feel real to me Like to me he’s still here….. It’s a beautiful thing man….music is a beautiful thing