Mac Mini Restoration – Mac OS X Snow Leopard and Windows XP – Krazy Ken’s Tech Misadventures

– Oh, hello old progress bar, old friend. It has been a long time
since I’ve seen you. How have you been? How are the kids? We’ll just say Chicago. Oh I just blacked out the whole planet, did I blow
up the power grid again? (beeping) (keyboard clattering)
(logo charging up) (upbeat music) Hey guys, how are you all doing? Really, that’s just great. I’m doing pretty great today too because I’m back with
my old Mac mini friend. Now, if you have not seen
the other two episodes where I try to get dosdude’s
Catalina Patcher on here, check it out. One of them was a great episode and the other one was
a great live broadcast, it was a two-parter but if you’re ready to
keep watching, continue. I’m just letting you
know, there’s spoilers. Ready? Spoiler alert, it failed epically. So what happened is we couldn’t
get the system on here, even though we took it apart and tried different
hardware configurations. Either way, we’re gonna
revisit that whole setup later, we’re gonna try on a different computer to get Catalina installed on it. So what we need to do now
is restore this Mac mini back to its former glory,
basically how it was before the two failed experiments and that means we have to do
two Installation Sensations, two for the price of one. That includes Mac OS X Snow Leopard, because that was one of the
original systems on here, and Windows XP, I don’t
have my colorful box and manuals and stuff but I
have this (sighs) copy of it on this beautiful generic CD. So those are the things
we’re gonna install, but while I was digging out those discs, I came across my Windows 7 box and I just wanna say we
will do an Installation Commemoration of this in
a future tech video log when the support ends. We’re even gonna have a
mini Windows 7 house party because I have a house party kit, remember when Microsoft
did those house parties? Ooh, so exciting, so
we’re gonna do that again, this time to commemorate its death. (glass shattering)
But for today, let’s focus on the big cat, and then Windows XP. So, boot her up. Thank you to my buddy Steve
for giving me this copy of Snow Leopard with the box, he’s actually donated
quite a few things to me and I have them stored in my lair here. He is also an eBay
seller, so he has a store and if you ever wanna
buy some of his stuff, several listings are vintage computers. Check out the link in the description and you can look at his store. All right, in you go. (disc drive trying to spin up repeatedly) Um… That’s not a good sign. (disc drive spinning up)
Oh, think it’s going now. It seemed like it wasn’t
working for a second there. Good, it’s working, I was
a bit worried for a second because during the live
broadcast, I took this thing apart like six times and I was like, “Ooh, I hope I didn’t
break the optical drive.” All right, let’s boot into
that CD, or DVD, technically. And let’s install Snow Leopard. Man, I don’t remember the last time I ever installed Snow Leopard,
it’s been a long time. I like the old boxes, I like the artwork, I like the features they put on there, all the icons and I love the wallpaper, I think the Snow Leopard wallpaper was the best wallpaper Apple ever did. DSMOS has arrived. That is my favorite line,
it sounds so ominous, but also like DSMOS is an important guy, like DSMOS has arrived,
the party can start now. He’s really important. All jokes aside, it stands
for Don’t Steal Mac OS, it’s kext or something like that. Okay and we’re gonna use
English as the main language, that makes sense to me. The barber pole animation, the old Aqua user interface, very nice. Yeah, oh man. Okay so I say we start with Disc Utility, in fact, the hard drive in
here probably won’t even work with Snow Leopard ’cause
it’s probably APFS. Snow Leopard has no idea
what Apple File System is. Yep, it has no clue. So let us format this,
we’ll do one partition, we’ll use the Boot Camp Assistant later to do the Windows XP installation and then we can just let the assistant do the repartitioning. Mac OS Extended journaled
GUID and let’s apply that. And there we go, nuke that sucker! And it should be clean. All right, that finished successfully, let’s Command + Q back to the installer. Continue. And for some good bedtime
reading, let us begin. Family Pack license, if you have purchased a Family Pack, agree. Macintosh HD seems like a good option, it’s the only thing we have. Let’s take a look at the
customization though. QuickTime 7 for shits and giggles, sure. X11, that’s always fun to mess with. We don’t need different languages, we’re not using this with a printer, I mean, saves a couple
gigs and the installation will be way quicker. And install. Here we go, oh man, that
looks so pretty, the old Aqua. There’s our utilities, pretty sweet. Let’s take a look at the log,
’cause that’s entertaining. Show all, and now we can watch
the installer do its thing, what version do we have here? 230.1.1, sweet! I just figured while we were
waiting for it to install, we could take a look at
the old box and admire it. Yes, it did get a little
scrunchy but that’s okay. But yeah, this operating system
was all about refinements, it wasn’t really about new features, in fact, it was advertised that way during the early WWDC previews. It wasn’t a feature release,
it was all about refining it to make it better and then
adding in core technologies like we talked about before and then support for MS Exchange. Yeah, this version of
Mac OS X had Safari 4 and I remember they had Cover
Flow for the history browser, they don’t do that anymore. Probably because your
cache sizes would be huge for storing all those images. I was really excited
about the new QuickTime X when that came out because
you could record right inside of it, you could trim right inside of it, stuff that you couldn’t do in QuickTime 7, you could do some of
that stuff in QuickTime 7 if you bought the Pro
version but the new interface was great too, it was basically nothing, the controls would just
fade away, QuickTime 7 wasn’t like that. Share online though, yeah,
MobileMe, remember that? To quote Steve Jobs, it
wasn’t our finest hour. Trying to find a way to hold this. And as a friendly reminder,
as with any Installation Sensation tradition, we
don’t just install software, we take it for a test drive
and since it’s been a long time since I’ve test driven Snow
Leopard, we’ll have some fun with that, same with Windows XP. ‘Cause yeah, there’s some features in here that didn’t last very
long, the Dock Expose, where you click and hold on an app icon and it throws it into expose mode, yeah, that doesn’t exist anymore. Oh yeah, this was a small
thing but a big deal. I don’t know if you still
use Stacks in your Dock, where you can open up
a folder from the Dock, but in Leopard, where they
introduce this feature, you couldn’t scroll through a Stack. If the Stack ran out of room, it just would stop displaying items. But in Snow Leopard, you
could scroll though it and you could also
navigate through folders. All right, time to put
you back in your box. And we have about 18 minutes
remaining, the concerning thing is it said that about four minutes ago. And I lost the signal. I’m
guessing it just went into some kinda sleep mode, display sleep. There we go, looks like
it’s retrieving packages for speech voices right now. Well, the number 18 must just
be the installer’s favorite number because it’s been saying
that for about another five minutes and for about 30
seconds it went to 17. We’re back to 18 now so, yeah. Okay, it went up to 19 minutes
now, fan-fricking-tastic. I think we’re gonna be here for awhile. And here we go, three,
two, one, ready to restart. And guess what? This was the last version
of Mac OS X to come with the intro video,
so we get to enjoy that. Here we go. Okay, there’s the blue, which
means we should have the intro and the setup assistant in a few seconds. (rhythmic music) Aw, check it out man, isn’t that great? Kinda nostalgic. You don’t see that anymore. (vocalizes) Oh, that tiny little
speaker in the Mac mini is trying so hard. And our little cube transition, yes. Welcome, we made it, here is Snow Leopard, let’s, well, not install,
let’s set up the rest of this. Yes, we are in the United States. Apple ID, we don’t need that right now. Registration information, let’s skip it. Create an account. Krazy Ken. Connecting to Apple, ping! (clicks tongues) “What the heck, “this guy just installed Snow
Leopard, what’s going on, “why didn’t he install Catalina?” That’s how I picture
the Apple spies sound. “He should have installed
Catalina, that’s the new system, “why’d he install this piece of crap? “Didn’t we stop supporting that thing “like five minutes after it came out?” Maybe so, but that doesn’t
mean I need to upgrade. I remember being so
excited when it came out. I remember when it
launched, getting that box from the delivery man and he
told me that he had so many of them on his truck
because a bunch of people were ordering it all at the same time. That is fun. Set timezone using location,
I think that was a new feature in Snow Leopard. We’ll just say Chicago. Oh, I just blacked out the
whole planet, did I blow up the power grid again? Crap. Your Mac is set up and
ready so you can back up your computer, which we won’t do, browse your files with Cover
Flow, which is annoying. Email with style, which we don’t need, chat using effects and backdrops, you need friends to do that,
and organize your work, I’m very disorganized, so none
of those are gonna be useful. But, anyway, I will enjoy
using my Apple computer. And fade to the aurora and
the Dock rises from the abyss. And there it is, the
nice, glassy, 3D Dock. And it froze. Oh, the Dashboard, rest in peace, that didn’t make it to Catalina. iTunes, rest in peace, that didn’t make it to Catalina either. Let me play this for you in
slo-mo here, as Steve Jobs would say, hold down the
Shift key and enjoy those slow motion animations, yes. It looks like we’re actually
overscanning a little bit, the top of the menu bar is
cropped out just a little bit. Ah yes, MobileMe, good times. The iDisk, oh the users’ iDisk,
yeah you could just go to, if you knew someone else’s
username and password, you could just like blub,
blub, blub, blub, blub, type it right in and mount their iDisk right on your desktop. Oh yeah and Spaces, the virtual desktops. Spaces is not set up,
well let’s do that shit. It looked different, we can turn it on, you have Spaces nowadays
where you can put the Spaces across the top and the
Mission Control interface but in Leopard and Snow Leopard, it kinda just looked like this and you can drag the
windows to different spaces or you can move the entire space around. It’s lagging a little
bit, that’s interesting. Can we slo-mo that? Doesn’t look like we can. But yeah, that’s what it looked
like back in Snow Leopard, pretty different from
how we have it nowadays. Oh yeah, and the other
feature I was talking about, the Dock Expose, you can clip and hold, and there’s your expose and you
had these little menus here. That feature did not last, I
kinda like the little spotlight look there and all that stuff. But that feature did not
make into future versions. We’re not finished yet. That was just phase one. So let’s open up Boot Camp assistant. Let’s give it five gigs, right? That’ll be nice, just kidding. What do we do, like maybe 40? 40 sounds good. So we’re gonna partition
that and then install XP and then we have to install
the Boot Camp drivers but, oh yes, the Boot Camp
drivers were on the Mac OS X disc, that’s right, that’s how they did it
back in the day, hah! Look at that, instructions,
those are helpful. All right, let’s throw that in there. And start. Boy, I have not installed
Windows XP in years, this is gonna be a
nostalgia attack for me. Admittingly, I had to install
it a lot back in the day because, well, let’s just say sometimes it would have crashes or corruption and I would need to do
repair installs quite often. And I also have my
handy-dandy index card here, which on the reverse side,
has the activation key, this thing has been
with me for a long time, I was probably in middle school when I drafted up this index card. So the fun thing is Windows
installation processes are typically built upon previous systems, so the first part of setup
is actually gonna look like how it did I think
back in the Windows 3 days. Very blue, just get
ready for a lot of blue. I don’t know how to prepare you for it, other than, there you go. One of my favorite files is I’m just amused by that
nomenclature right there. Maybe we’ll see it pop up, maybe we won’t. Setup is starting Windows,
that means we’re almost ready to do stuff. I just thought of something
else, we’re gonna witness the Luna theme, yes, all that
blue kinda plastic look Luna. So yeah, this was it ladies and gentlemen, looks pretty, right? We can read the end-user license agreement like this if we want. Okay, partitions, this is the
Boot Camp partition, FAT32. I thinking we should use NTFS,
it’s a little more robust. And modern. Let’s do that, let’s do a quick format, F. Oh yes. Oh, hello old progress bar, old friend. It has been a long time
since I’ve seen you. How have you been? How are the kids? Why am I talking to you? Okay, so now it’s gonna do
the examination process, checking drive C, all
right, it’s already done. Now it’s gonna copy a bunch of stuff over. Oh, there it is, there’s
my old friend,, how are you doing, buddy? Wow, all my friends are
here, this is great. Well, I’ll let you get going,
I’m sure there’s other files that have to be copied. You must be a big file,
it’s taking a while for you to get in there, you’re stuck at 11%. Almost done copying, lot of .dlls. All right, we’re gonna reboot with the nice bloody progress bar. We’re gonna hit enter
and skip right past that. Here we go. Ahhh, oh my gosh, the dithering. Oh, Luna, it’s been so long. Sweet, sweet Luna,
fingerprints on my screen. It has been so long since I’ve seen you. Orange accent color,
the green radio buttons, the blue everywhere. Yeah, Windows XP was a big step up. I gotta give props to Microsoft. Honestly here for a second,
Windows XP is, what, the most installed software in history? I think it is. Think of how many people installed it. Think of how many people still use it. Ah, the green little
squares down there too. How I’ve missed you. Ah yes, I forgot about you,
regional and language options window, legitimately I
did, I forgot that stuff popped up while the
installation was happening. Next, name and organization. Well, my name is Krazy
Ken, as my friends call me. So, pretty much nobody calls me that. Organization, we’ll just
say Krazy Ken Incorporated. Product key, one of the
best features of Windows is this activation process. It’s not valid, what the shit! It’s gotta be. Hang on, yes, this is
what happens when I talk and type at the same time,
I type in wrong shit. I can’t believe it, man that
code works, that’s amazing. I wrote that down with pencil
on an index card forever ago. Computer name, yes, we’ll call it Krazy (speaks
gibberish) that’s okay, I like it. Okay, time to reboot. (Windows chiming) Ah, so nice. Please wait while I try to connect you. To improve the appearance
of visual elements, Windows will automatically
adjust your screen resolution. Yeah, oh. If you can read this text,
click OK to continue. It looks horrible, it looks
really pixelly and blurry. Okay, (laughs) we’ll fix that we also have
to install the Boot Camp drivers, so we’ll get to
that just in a little bit. Aw, I just realized we’re
probably not gonna hear the music. Yeah, we got the cool video but we’re not gonna
hear any sound right now because the audio drivers aren’t on here. Here’s our little wizard guy, you can just drag him
around and bounce him around like the DVD logo. Boop, boop, boop, boop, boop, boop, boop. Help protect my PC by turning
on automatic updates now. Sure, why not? My name: Krazy Ken. You’re ready to go. Really, that was it? Okay then, if you say so. Ah, yes. Yeah I know we won’t be able
to hear the iconic music but once we get the driver
installed, we can do that. Yeah, here’s the start menu
and yes we’re overscanning, it’s really terrible right now. Let’s see what resolution
we can actually get. Your computer might be at
risk, that’s the first thing you wanna see when you
install your new system. Oh yes, that’s great, that’s
exactly what you want to see. It’s because we don’t
have antivirus on here. Yeah, well my brain is my
antivirus, just don’t be stupid. Oh, look at that painting. Take a tour of Windows XP, we
will do that, but right now, it’s gonna perform like crap, especially with that
redrawing, check that out, this is what happens when
you install XP on a Mac mini with no graphics drivers. Your computer may be at
risk, how about you suck it? All right, let’s see what
resolution we can get here. Oh, apparently nothing higher than that. And we will reinsert the
glorious Snow Leopard disc. You’ll be guided through the
thing, yep, I accept the terms. Next, Apple software update
for Windows, why the hell not? Install. There we go, the display driver. Yep, we could use that
right about now. (laughs) Let me close that and get a view of that beautiful wallpaper, which is probably also
the most viewed photograph in the world. Chuck O’Rear, right? He shot that in wine country. That’s probably the most famous hill in the fricking world. (laughs) At least in terms of photography. You know while this is installing, my mind is just gonna
go down rabbit holes, what I wanna do in a future
episode is experiment with a Zune. If anyone has an old
Zune just lying around and you wanna send it in
for a Krazy Ken episode, I will gladly take it. (bubble popping) Huh, a little balloon sound. (pops lips) Wait, what? I just got an Apple Watch notification that said “LGR commented,” LGR. Like, Lazy Game Reviews, hang on. He said this was a fun show,
I’m guessing he’s talking about Vintage Computer Festival Midwest because I was there when 8-Bit Guy and him were there as well. Let’s see, he said, “This
was such a fun show! “Definitely considering going next year.” Fantastic! I’m considering hosting a booth next year. Maybe we should meet up. Anyway, what else did
he say, “Matt, the guy “that you bought your
NeXTcube from, is the same guy “who hooked me up with the P5 glove,” that he just covered on LGR. Oh, sweet. “I was eyeing up that cube
as soon as I got there. “You got a stellar deal.” Well thank you, Clint, I
really do appreciate that, yes, fan-fricking-tastic. Anyway, that was fun. Finish! We are done. So now we have to reboot and
log out sound, you ready? (Windows chiming) Ahhh, yes, that is very nice right there, that good old piano. (windows booting) Okay, this time, we should
have the log in sound, ready? Or the startup sound,
whatever you call it. (Windows chiming) Mm, if that doesn’t give you
nostalgia, I dunno what will. I guess it depends on how old you are. Yes, okay, so display
settings, let’s fix that, things are looking sharper at
least now and the overscanning seems to be gone as well,
maybe it’s a little bit at the, no actually, no, yeah, the overscanning looks like it’s been corrected. Take a tour of XP, we will do that soon. Let’s see, we can
probably run this at 1080. GeForce 9400M. Do you wanna keep that? Yeah. Yeah, everything is really
freaking’ tiny but it’s sharp, I mean it works. This lonely little recycle bin, I’ll just put you on the hill right there. Go ahead and sit on the hill. Some hikers come by and they
need to recycle some stuff, you can just, oh, it’s snapping to a grid, you can just sit there
on the hill, right there. Okay, tour Windows XP. Oh my gosh, Windows Messenger. Are you ready for this? Buckle your face. Hang on, we gotta turn
up the volume all the way to make sure we can really enjoy this. Here we go, buckle up. Oh, that was anticlimactic,
I forgot it had this. Play the animated tour, hell yeah, this is fricking Macromedia Shockwave 5, we gotta use all the animations, bitch! I missed the button, there we go. – [Tour Guide] Welcome to
Windows XP from Microsoft. – Nice!
– A new version of Windows that brings your PC to life.
– So hot. – [Tour Guide] Experience the best. – [Both] Experience Windows XP. – [Krazy Ken] This is sharper than I remember.
– Best for business. – [Krazy Ken] Is this like vector art? I don’t remember it
being this crisp looking, it actually adapted to the
full resolution of the monitor. That’s impressive. – [Tour Guide] To begin the
tour, click any selection. – [Krazy Ken] Dude, Macromedia,
oh it was Flash Player, not Shockwave. Yeah, this
was back when Macromedia owned Flash, shit. Yeah, Flash is like dying now, well it’s been dying for a long time. – [Tour Guide] Windows
XP, you get the proof. Friendly new screens, simplified
menus and a whole lot more. – [Krazy Ken] The start menu. But then they have this
pixelly looking screencast inside this beautiful full res
interface, of course they do. Wow, that is just
fan-freaking-tastic, that’s amazing. Okay, let’s try to, well, yeah
we gotta get this on network. We have easy access to the guards’ router, I can just run some cable. Ha, ha, Bon appetit. And we’ll just give you a little poke. There you go. After all, why use wifi
when you can use non-wifi? Let’s open up, probably the most memed piece
of software in the world, the infamous Internet Explorer. Yeah, done it says, I don’t think you are. It probably has no idea how
to load modern webpages, especially if they are SSL. Let’s try You’re about to view pages
over a secured connection, uh, good, I guess. Yeah okay this page cannot be displayed., there we go. Yeah I think the network is working, it’s just it can’t really parse anything. Let’s ping, just to make sure. Yes, so we are getting a pong. So we know internet access is working, we just can’t really do
much with this older version of internet explorer, I guess
we could put a newer thing on here if we really want
to, but yeah, I got some data to transfer, I’m not sure how much of it’s gonna be compatible or
how much it’s gonna it’s work from the backup, but let’s try anyway. So while I was waiting for
the other files to copy, I just kinda left the tour run
and this is probably the most I’ve ever watched of the tour before. Some people may watch TV,
may watch Game of Thrones or whatever the kids are
watching these days, but me, I just sit here and watch
the Windows XP tour. – Improved system
– All right, – restore,
– let’s plug this in. – [Tour Guide] And
restore your system to the way it was–
– Oops, my fingers bumped Alt + F4, I’m sorry tour lady. I have some pictures on
here, just because why not. It’s a good way to test the
new Filmstrip view in Windows XP, so let’s see, let’s open
up a new Explorer window and let’s just copy all of them in here. Some of the stuff I shot, which
by the way, you can download some of these as wallpapers
from our website if you want, the link is in the description. We could actually set one
of these as the wallpaper right now, we could just right click and go set as desktop background and boom! There’s the rainbow board. Oh yeah. Yeah, well that’ll work for now. Okay so here’s my Windows
XP backup, I just backed up the whole freaking thing. I know there were games in
here, yep, which need RealArcade to work I believe. The RealArcade servers
are probably long gone, so I doubt any of these are
going to be able to reactivate, but yeah, we can try. Let’s see. (laughs) Yeah, some of
these items are hidden but we’re rebels, we can do
this, we know how this works. Hey, here’s our games, I’m
just gonna drag ’em in there, I have no idea if that’s
gonna work at all, but we’re gonna try. Program files, these are
hidden, yes they are. Not anymore. BumpTop was on here, what! That was that old 3D desktop thing from, from awhile ago, holy crap. That goes back. Safari for Windows was on here, aw man. You could probably still install that if you know where to look. (laughs) That was back when Safari was available for
Windows, yep, not anymore. Well let’s transfer those over and see if they will work,
I don’t think they will. I doubt any of this stuff is gonna work without a proper installer.
(Windows error honking) Yeah. ‘Cause the application
configuration is incorrect. RealArcade. Oh, let’s see if we can boot this up. (Windows error honking) Uh, yeah PNCRT.dll was not found. I don’t know what that is, I don’t know where that’s supposed to live in the file system. I could probably run a search and see if I can find
whatever the frick that was. Let’s pull up our dog friend. Hello, I forgot your name. I really forgot your name, I’m so sorry. Oh, look at that. Right there, system32. We get to dive into that folder. Yeah, let’s make a copy of
this into here and lemme guess, it’s gonna find another
file that’s missing. Is owned by no application, okay. Um, okay now I don’t know what that is. Oh shit! Whoa! Yo, it worked! Ha, ha! Oh wow, this, dude, back
before I did serious stuff on a computer, I spent most of
my life inside this program. Way before I played on Steam. I would play in RealArcade,
this is where my stuff was. Yeah, right now it looks
like it’s just detecting the default Windows
Pinball and all that stuff. ‘Cause it’s probably not
gonna be able to reactivate any of the other things. Well let’s see if any of
these games will even launch. I have my doubts. Ah, Red Ace. Oh, shit! (rhythmic music) Oh wait c’mon. Work for me. Yes! It’s bugging out a little
bit, but it’s here. It has our status, like we’ve
finished these missions, holy crap, it remembers. Yeah I’m gonna switch
out of that for a second and see if I can fix it up. Small rockets, what, no I hit end task, why are you bringing it
to the foreground, dick? Yeah this program’s not
responding, gee, I wonder why. Okay, let’s try that one more time. All right well guess we’re just gonna have
a crappy screen there. Oh, yeah! Click here if this
page is displayed correctly, absolutely. Anyway, missions, yes. I’m gonna play the only
mission I know how to do. I really sucked at this game. My brother was way better at this shit. (plane propeller buzzing) Okay, so we’re the American biplane, there’s a German plane there. (gun firing repeatedly) Sorry Germany, you’re cool, this is World War II or something, so. (gun firing) (plane exploding)
Oh! There we go. All right, I gotta go take
out these guns over here. And you could right click and drop a bomb, I just blew up that tree, no,
Mr. Beast is gonna hate me. Okay, here we go, we got a German guy.
(gun firing) No! Whoa, shit I’m smoking, I
probably should’ve dodged. I probably should’ve done
something about that. Oh boy, here we go. Blow up these tanks.
(bombs exploding) I think I got some tanks I gotta blow up. Mission Accomplished! Take a look at that. All right, I killed two
Germans, 7% accuracy. (laughs) Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah,
I wasn’t really playing that very seriously, now was I? Yes. Okay, what else we got in here? Yes, Thrillride Pinball, this was good, it was like a Hersheypark pinball machine. Yeah, I spent a lot of
time playing this one. Yeah, okay, so this is what
I was thinking would happen. At certain times, when
you launch the game, it’s not gonna reactivate, so it’s like, “Okay, you gotta go in the demo mode.” You could buy the full game online but you probably can’t
get to the server anymore. It’s probably nonexistent. But let’s play the demo
and see what happens. (laughs) Yeah, time remaining: 60 minutes. I remember being a little kid, and going, that was the Sierra guy, going like, “Okay, we have to do all this
stuff before the 60 minutes “is up because then we
have to buy the game, “so we have beat it as much as we can.” (pinball machine chiming)
– 3D Ultra Thrillride! – [Krazy Ken] Yeah, oh dude! Oh man, I haven’t played this in years! Holy shit. I mean, Space Cadet is great but this was, oh we’re already in the
Fun Zone, hell yeah. – Canyon River Rapids!
– Oh yeah, I remember this shit. I’ve never been to Hersheypark though. My only experience was
with this game. (laughs) – [Man] Here comes another one! – [Krazy Ken] Here comes
another one! (laughs) – [Man] Here comes another one! – [Krazy Ken] Oh shit, I blew it. – [Man] The stopwatches will
cut down on weight time. – [Krazy Ken] I’m sure they will. Oh, sinker! What was that! That was a bunch of bullshit! (upbeat music) – [Man] Get yourself. – [Krazy Ken] Uh oh, what’d you do? What’d you do? What just happened? Oh, I activated Sticky Keys
because fricking asshole. (pinball machine chimes) Okay, I’m playing blind. Oh, that’s nice. (pinball flippers clattering) That’s beautiful, hang on. There we go. (pinball flippers clattering) Can I save a game? I dunno if I can. Well, I’ll just have to abort it ’cause we do have to move on
but that is incredibly fun. This is, oh it crashed. Platypus, this was one
of my favorite shooters. All of the sprites are made from clay. Which I’ve never seen in
a game before until then, which was awesome. Let’s see if this loads,
looks like it will. Oh yeah, that music. Hell yeah, oh shit. Oh shit boy, I’m getting hit
with so much nostalgia now. It’s all clay, even the
fricking font is clay. Dude, this music was my jam. Here’s the fun thing, I dunno
if anyone knows the theme to Shadowfire, composed by Fed Gray, but a remix of it is used
on the level select screen, it’s pretty fun, listen. (uplifting music) (uplifting 8-bit music) Yeah. (laughs) Oh! I just died. Okay, yeah, well, yeah and I exploded into
a nice fruity custard. It’s been a long time since
I’ve played this and these guys are a little harder to beat, there we go. Dude, I know scientists haven’t
cracked time travel yet, but I think I just did. This is how you time travel, you just feel nostalgic to the nth degree. Wow. All right, Space Cadet time, yeah, yeah, yeah, here
we go, it’s been so long. (pinball machine powering up) Yeah. When you hear that sound,
shit’s about to go down. (ray gun firing) ‘Kay, how do I flip, there we go. (pinball bumpers popping) Get up the ramp, nope. Dude, you frick, piece of, what! There’s like a cheat code thing. (pinball machine powering up) (ray gun firing)
There it is! Yep. Yep, so we can just drag
the ball around, yeah, it works! Yeah, we got the colors changed. Let’s just roll through this
thing as much as we want, up and down, up and down, up and down. Oh yeah, going up. (pinball bumpers popping) Going up again. Yeah, we can just bounce
around all we want. If you type in “hidden test,”
I think you need to include the space, I don’t remember,
before you deploy the ball, while it’s loading up, you
can just drag it around with your mouse. And then I think you can
press a certain letter to get on the scoreboard. Oh, there it is, whatever
I just pressed there, I just now got a billion
points, so beat that. Krazy Ken, but then funny thing is, it doesn’t put you in first place though. Because it knows. So what did I press? It was H I guess, I pressed H. Okay, so yeah, there you go. Oh, and now we’re in fruit punch mode, this was not part of the demo. This is great, I got the
system restored with Mac OS X Snow Leopard and Windows
XP and the shit works. Just a heads up, even though
that Catalina experiment failed, which again, if you
haven’t watched it, watch it, Even though it failed, Greg
Hrutkay’s setting me up with a dosdude mod, another Mac mini that should be able to run
dosdude’s Catalina Patcher, so stay tuned for a future
episode where I tackle that and don’t forget to tune
in for the Windows 7 End of Life Installation Commemoration when that happens in January, 2020. But of course there’s going
to be a lot more fun stuff coming up before then too. This has been a mega awesome
Installation Sensation and nostalgia trip, thanks
so more for sticking with me, catch the Krazy, and pass it on. (Windows chiming) (upbeat music)