Mirrors, windows and sliding doors

We need diverse books because we need books
in which children can find themselves, see reflections of themselves. I wrote a piece maybe 1990 it was published
which I called “Mirrors, Windows, and Sliding Glass Doors.” And I think that’s really why we — children
need to see themselves reflected. But books can also be windows. And so you can look through and see other
worlds and see how they match up or don’t match up to your own. But the sliding glass door allows you to enter
that world as well. And so that’s the reason that the diversity
needs to go both ways. I mean it’s not just children who have been
underrepresented and marginalized who need these books. It’s also the children who always find their
mirrors in the books and, therefore, get an exaggerated sense of their own self-worth
and a false sense of what the world is like because it’s becoming more and more colorful
and diverse as time goes on. So, I think that’s why.