Nextiva App for Windows

– Welcome to the
Nextiva App from Windows. This will be a brief overview of the app’s menus and functionality so you can bring your Nextiva service straight to your Windows computer. Please keep in mind some of these features are only available to Enterprise users. To download and install the app, first visit the URL on screen, and select either the .EXE
or .MSI download file. The computer will immediately
begin downloading the file, which can then be opened
by clicking the file name at the bottom of the screen. After accepting the End User Agreement, click Next to progress
through the download, and then Finish to complete downloading. Check the Start Nextiva App Now
box to open the Nextiva App. Input your NextOS username and password before clicking the Sign In button below. If you are unsure of your
username and password, contact Nextiva support. Now you’re ready to start using the app. First, you can change your
presence at the top left by clicking the dropdown menu
beside the current status. Type in the window to update
your current status message, and add a profile picture
to your user account by double-clicking the
image icon beside your name. Your NextOS directory of
contacts is the next submenu. This is where contact information of your saved accounts is accessed. The contact information for every person on your Nextiva account is accessible via the directory icon
located on the blue sidebar. To search for a specific
individual within the directory, simply begin typing a
person’s name or number. The list of possible options
will be narrowed down until you’ve found the
person you’re looking for. You can double-click their name to instantly start a
VoIP call from your PC, or right-click for a
list of other options. Adding that person as a contact will instantly make them appear within the contacts
submenu of the menu bar, where you will have quicker
access to that individual. These contacts may also
be organized into groups by clicking the Add symbol
in the top right corner and choosing New Group. Right-click on a contact
and select a group you would like them to appear in. You may also add contacts
outside of your NextOS account through the Add symbol at the top right. A chat window can be open at
any point while using the app by right-clicking a contact’s name and selecting Chat from the context menu. To send a message, click
within the lower typing field, type your message, and press
Enter on your keyboard to send. The typing field may also
be used to send files if the person you’re chatting with is using the Nextiva App
on their desktop computer. Simply drag any file from your computer into the typing field of the
chat window and press Enter. There are options to call
that person from your PC by clicking the handset icon, video call by clicking the video icon, or call from your phone using the Nextiva App for mobile devices. Additional options can be
found in the Options button, such as viewing that contact’s profile or deleting the chat history. The clock icon in the menu sidebar is your communication history. This is where previous calls
and voicemails can be found. Clicking the Voicemail section will immediately call your voicemail box, and double-clicking any
communication instance will call that person back. The Call submenu beneath
this provides a dial pad to manually type in any number
for an outgoing connection. If you know the extension of a person on your NextOS account, you can dial it here as well. Once you’ve dialed a number, there are three options to connect. The blue handset button in the middle will make a voice call over
Nextiva’s VoIP service. By clicking the video
button on the bottom left, you can video call anyone
on Nextiva’s network that also has a video-enabled device. The Call From Phone
button on the bottom right allows you to make the call using any mobile device
running the Nextiva App. The house icon in the
upper right of the app is the My Room feature. Clicking this will bring
up a new chat window where anyone is free to join
this particular conversation from their Nextiva App on any device. Think of this as your
own virtual office space where people may visit and be
part of ongoing conversations. Please keep in mind that
anyone joining your room will be able to view all
content sent and received from the time they join
until they leave your room on their device. Call settings and preferences
for the Nextiva App can be found in the lower
left Options button. Selecting incoming calls from the list will give you the ability to modify important NextOS call control services from your NextOS account without needing to log into the portal. This is where you’ll have
direct access to features such as call forwarding and Remote Office. General will give you additional settings within the Nextiva App for PC. If you want to sign out of your Nextiva account on this device, click on the File menu at
the top of the Nextiva App, and select Sign Out. Thank you for taking the tour of the Nextiva App for Windows. If you have any questions, feel free to contact Nextiva support.