Who does this fucker think
he is? -I’ll blow his face off.
-Not the gun! He can’t talk like that
to my wife! Don’t do this!
Don’t go! Don’t go! Fuck… I can’t. I can’t. -Shit…
-Thank God! Violence is never a solution. That’s not it. I only own the gun,
I don’t have a permit to carry. I can only use it within
the limits of my residence. Of course I’m dying to shoot
that motherfucker in the face, but I won’t betray my pact
with the Brazilian Constitution. Will I betray the Ministry
of Justice and Public Security? No, man. I can be sentenced
to 3 years. -I almost did something crazy.
-No… Breathe. Breathe, breathe. You know what? I’m going to try
to get this motherfucker here. -Sergio…
-Here I can shoot him. I’m protected
by the Constitution. Benedito, how are you?
Get me apartment 903, please. Hey, pal, how are you? You don’t have to yell.
I’m calling in peace. Relax. Listen. -My wife made a delicious cake.
-I didn’t. It smells so good.
It’s coming out of the oven now. Relax.
I’m inviting you for cake. Don’t speak to me like that. Fuck the leak!
Just sue me, you piece of shit! Asshole! Go fuck… Come to my apartment
if you’re a man! -He hung up. Fuck. I’m going.
-Don’t. -I’m going.
-Don’t go! -I’m not taking the gun.
-No, no! Sergio, don’t go! Don’t open it! -What’s your problem, bro?
-My problem? You’re afraid to come here. Oh, so you’re a man?
Come to my apartment. Come here
and I’ll pump you full of led. You come here, asshole,
where I can legally use my gun. You don’t think I’ll go?
You moron! You can only handle
a flip-flop. I want to make your face bleed,
you bastard! -Goddamn demon!
-Asshole! Here! -Fuck this. I’m going.
-You can’t take the gun. Sergio! Where are you going
without a permit? You don’t have a warrant,
right? -What’s going on, Leticia?
-No, no… -Who’s this guy?
-Sergio, calm down. Stay there.
I’m getting my gun to kill you. Wait! Don’t do that, Sergio!
No! No! Asshole, I’ll get you… I can’t! It’s only for self-defense! It’s in Article 12. I have to respect
the jurisprudence. I can’t commit
a crime of passion! No!