PowerPoint voiceovers Mac

We’ll hop right through this. Okay. Let’s go. So the first thing we’re going to do is open
PowerPoint and we’re going to create our PowerPoint presentation. Once we’re creating that presentation, after
we create the presentation we’re gonna click the slideshow tab and set up slideshow and
browsed in an individual window right here – not very hard to do. Now click OK. Once you’ve created your PowerPoint presentation,
just click File – Save As Movie. Don’t worry about sound right now, we’re going
to take care of that in a minute. Minimize PowerPoint and it’s time to hop right
over to Quicktime. Once we’re in Quicktime, you’re going to open
your PowerPoint Movie in Quicktime and then in Quicktime you’re going to click on File
– New Screen Recording. Once you do that, a window is going to open
up allowing you to make your sound recording. Now, before you do your sound recording, we
need to make a couple of changes. You’re going to notice in the left – in the
right hand corner of the screen recording button there’s a little drop-down arrow. Just click that little down facing arrow and
select your Microphone, whether it’s an internal or a plug-in or something like this. Now, click the red record button when you’re
read to start recording. Now, you’re now recording to be careful of
what you say. Click and start your PowerPoint movie and
begin your VoiceOver. Once you’re finished with your VoiceOver,
just click the Stop button – you know, the little record button, it was red a minute
ago and now it’s turned to a little black square. Just click that little button and your PowerPoint
movie will automatically save. That’s it! Congratulations, you’ve hopped right it – well
done, my friends. Have a good day.