PUBG on iPhone 6s Plus | PUBG Mobile iOS

Hey welcome back to the channel, today’s
video is gonna be a real quick one to show you that you don’t need a flagship
phone like iPhone 8, iPhone X or a Galaxy S9 to play modern games like PUBG. Here’s
a little bit of gameplay footage of PUBG on iPhone 6s plus.
So here we go. So overall I’m really impressed with how
good PUBG on iPhone 6s Plus is, this is almost a three year old device and
the only change that I had to make was set the graphics down to medium, I
couldn’t play the game on high but set at medium everything was totally smooth,
didn’t sense any drop frames or anything like that and other than my skill level
it was a really good experience on this device I’m curious are you guys playing
PUBG Mobile and if so what device are you playing it on let me know down in the
comments I’m really curious to find out what people are playing it on and how
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