Red Hat | Fundamentals of Red Hat Enterprise Linux

Linux is one of the most important
technologies to an IT professional today. If you’re using the internet, you’re interfacing with Linux
in some form or another. Most large companies make use
of it in their data centers. My name is Ricardo da Costa, and I’m a Linux instructor at Red Hat. I’ve been involved with the Linux
technologies for 20 years, and I’ve been teaching with Red Hat
for 4 years. I’ve travelled all around the
world advocating Linux– an open source software. If you’re a Windows user, you need to interface
with Linux somehow right? So you may as well learn
Linux so that you can better interact with it
in your environment. As an application developer,
you may be using a Windows-based system, or a Macintosh based system, and it’s still important for you
to understand Linux because… your applications runtime is most
likely hosted on a Linux system. If you’re looking for new
job opportunities in IT, I tell you what,
it’s most likely going to involve Linux. Looking at the cloud, looking at mail
services, looking at web services, looking at application service, it all involves Linux. This is a basic introductory course. We’re going to have to look at
how Linux is organized… and we’re also going to have to look at… some of the more basic systems
administration commands. I’m going to demonstrate
these things to you… and you can practice them at home
in your own time.