SSH into Virtualbox Guest VM from Host with NAT

hi everybody On this tutorial i wanna show you how to access virtualbox internal vm from single interface using NAT and the same time guest vm can access to
internet. so let’s started start vm waiting to boot up ok vm booting up login to vm, type username and password On this vm we got ip address for eth0 ifconfig eth0 and try ping to internet, I wanna ping and maybe try another address we got a reply from internet and then how to access this vm from host machine so we need to setup port forwarding from NAT Interface In this tutorial I want to access the vm from SSH so on guest port Insert SSH port, default ssh port 22 and host port wee need to forward standard SSH port to host port. so wee need to allocate port number and it never use from other services I wanna assign this address and rule name to SSH protocol TCP first I wanna make sure ssh service runnign on server type netstat -ln | grep 22 ssh has been running on vm and then try to access vm