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Kali Linux Install: Ethical hacking getting started guide
10x Engineer: Linux, TCL and EEM scripts directly on Cisco IOS!
EVERYONE needs to learn LINUX – ft. Raspberry Pi 4

EVERYONE needs to learn LINUX – ft. Raspberry Pi 4

Everyone needs to learn Linux like right now, like yesterday, especially if you’re in it. I don’t care if you’re on the help desk or you’re a network engineer or a system engineer or you’re a programmer or you want to become a hacker, you need to know Linux. It’s a required skill. Now, it […]

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Linux scripts on Cisco IOS?

– This is a continuation of a series of videos where I’m teaching you to become a better network engineer. And teaching you commands in the Cisco IOS that you may not have known about. (upbeat music) Please do me a favor. Put a comment below this video and let me know when you’ve learned […]

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10x Engineer: Linux commands on Cisco IOS? Wow!
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