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How To Remove Your Boot Screen In Windows XP (HD) (CC)

how do you help youtubers um I am so sorry if this volume is super super quiet I can’t do anything about it my life is sooo so seriously outdated and it is getting really old so forgive me for the static if you hear it and if you can’t hear me correctly so just […]

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How to Download Original Windows 10 For Free 32/64 BIT✅Upgrade to Windows 10 from Windows 7/8/8.1✅

Friends,Today video is very important if you have windows 7/8/8.1 or Windows 10 installed on your computer or laptop. How you can upgrade windows 7/8/8.1 to Windows 10 free of cost with the help of media creation tool and second How to download ISO of Windows 10 from Microsoft with this trick. Now that Microsoft […]

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Hack a Forgotten Password for Windows 7, 8/8.1, 10 Preview (DON’T ABUSE)

so as you see here you have your normal windows computer right that sometimes you forget your password huh, incorrect well let’s try it again hm that’s not it ok well their is a way around this right insert your windows disc in and uh… when i say that in your usb in my case […]

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Behind the Scenes: Putting the Pieces Together in Evernote for iOS and Android

Hi, I’m Ian Small, CEO of Evernote. Today we’re behind the scenes and we’re going to do something different than we’ve done before. Previously, most of the episodes we’ve shown have focused on one individual component of the overall Evernote experience. And today we’re going to be taking a bunch of the pieces that we’ve […]

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How to get Windows 7 Security Updates Past January 2020 For Free✅BypassESU tool✅

How to get Windows 7 Security Updates Past January 2020 I BypassESU tool Do people still use Windows 7? Absolutely. Windows 7 is somewhat the preferred OS choice of most computer users across the globe. Its flexibility makes it ideal for all classes of computers, and many people see it as the best Windows version, […]

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▒ Windows Kids. Глупые ошибки Windows. 3 серия ▒

#FreeNAS 11.2 Initial Configuration and #Windows #SMB Shares

In this video I will show you have to do the initial configuration for FreeNAS and such as adding a new pool and setting up share window SMB shares and discuss the reason why I chose to use window SMB. Ok, go ahead and login Default username for FreeNAS is root and the password is […]

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