TARTE Shape Tape Concealer vs  MAC Pro Longwear Concealer

TARTE Shape Tape Concealer vs MAC Pro Longwear Concealer

hi guys welcome back to my channel today
we’re doing another comparison smackdown video one of my favorite videos to film
for you guys because I know how much you do appreciate them and today we’re going
to talk about two very popular concealers one that really took the
industry by storm way back when and one that is recently blown up and that is
max Pro Longwear concealer and tarts shape tape concealer so let’s get right
into it so here are my two right here and if you’re interested in shades I
have tan sand in the Tarte shape a concealer and NC 42 in Max
Pro Longwear concealer as far as price goes Mac does come out the winner in
this but only by a few dollars it is a few dollars cheaper than the Tarte shape
tape however you do get a little bit less product but the difference in
amount is very minimal with math you get nine milliliters or point three zero
Alice’s and for Tarte you get 10 milliliters or 0.3 for ounces so the
difference is really negligible but you do save a few dollars if that is
something that is important to you to save every dollar you can then
definitely go with Mac for Shaye’s once again mat comes out the winner in this
with 16 total shades in their line versus tarts 14 shades and the 14 shades
that Tarte does have now that took a while to get to 14 if I remember
correctly when they first debuted this concealer I believe it was only six
shades that they came out with me six or eight somewhere in there and then they
built upon that from there but Mac has always done a great job as far as
complexion products go especially foundations
concealers powders to really give a great range of shades to choose from and
I have to say as far as undertones as well go I do really enjoy max undertones
Tarte does have a variety of undertones for their concealer but I do think that
Mac comes out on top just a little bit more because of the
shade selection and how great it is and so suitable it is for so many people
next we’re going to get into packaging as you can see here max Pro Longwear
concealer comes with a pump and this has been a long time issue that’s been
debated around the beauty community for some time some people really love it
some people hate it tarte has a doe foot applicator that
most of us do enjoy doe foot applicator are just very easy to use with the
exception of probably people having issue with the sanitary aspect of it
consistently using it putting it back in going back and forth that way whereas
with Max pump you don’t have any of that kind of cross contamination issue that
could happen so it really does come down to personal preference there is no
winner when it comes to packaging some people prefer pumps some people prefer
doe foot applicator so you can choose which one is going to be best for your
needs do you google do Hulu
ok now let’s get into the real details so Mac Pro Longwear concealer is a
medium to full coverage concealer tarte does advertise their concealer as full
coverage and I would have to agree with both of those statements tart shape tape
is pretty full on full you’re really not going to have a whole lot of wiggle room
that concealer when you put it on you’re getting full coverage right off the bat
and for that reason I personally prefer math because I love buildable coverage I
love being able to decide how much coverage I want on any particular given
day depending on my mood where I’m going what looks I want I like to be able to
play around with the coverage and with max Pro Longwear concealer you can
definitely do that much better than with tarte
that’s such a thing as far as my personal experience with both concealers
go both companies claims definitely come shining through they’re both water
resistant transfer resistant they both last all day long they both do a great
job of covering up any imperfection that you could ever imagine
they both do a great job of under-eye concealing as well as spot concealing on
the face many concealers don’t do a great job of both and these are both
great concealing concealers as well as under eyes and sealers for me they both
can also do a great job of highlighting and contouring depending on the shade
that you choose if that’s something you enjoy doing with your concealer they
both do a great job of that as well so now we’re going to do just a quick demo
on the back of my hand to show consistency because I think that’s what
is one of the biggest differences between these two products and I have
Tarte here and I’m just kind of scraping the sides to make sure I get a good
amount on the applicator and I’m going to put just one I’m only going to go
into the two one time I’m going to put that on the back of my hand and then I’m
going to come just one pump of the Mac concealer
just one pump and then you can easily see the difference in consistency there
we go so as you can see the one that is running down my hand right now is Mac so
of course it is a more liquid and fluid type of a concealer whereas Tarte is
right where I put it it’s not going anywhere it is very very creamy and
almost borderline a moosie texture it is in critic incredibly creamy and mu C
whereas Max is very very liquid so that should give you some type of indication
as to why there is a little bit of a variety in the type of coverage that
each one offers because tart is so creamy that is where you get the
automatic full coverage payoff whereas with Max being so much more
fluid you can play around with the coverage get more of a true medium and
then go from there building up to full as far as shelf life goes both of these
concealers are good for six months of youth and as far as where their maid is
concerned because I know a lot of people are very interested in where things come
from math is made in Belgium and tart is made in Korea one last issue I do want
to touch on is fragrance and I know some people really try to avoid fragrance in
beauty products skincare anything that goes on the face and is close to your
nose I know a lot of people really prefer fragrance free products and as
far as max Pro Longwear concealer is concerned it is fragrance free tart
however does have a slight fragrance in their shape tape concealer and I can
describe it as slightly floral that’s what I smell
is a very light floral scent nothing really overpowering but it is there and
it is something that you need to keep in mind that this is not a fragrance free
product there is one in there when I put it on my face I do not smell it on my
face I have not had any type of allergic reaction or irritation to it nothing
like that and I do have sensitive skin so I just wanted to make sure that you
guys did know that tart shape does contain a fragrance so
that’s a guys I hope that this video was informative and helpful to you if you
have either one of these concealers please let me know in the comments which
one you like better and why and if you don’t have either but you’re interested
in purchasing either let me know which one you think you would like better
thanks so much for watching please do give this video a thumbs up if you
enjoyed watching it and I will see you in the next one bye