♪ (punk rock music) ♪ (button clicks)
– Did it work? (button clicks)
Okay. It’s the nails. Did I turn it off or on? This is embarrassing.
I’m just gonna start pressing buttons. Did I do it? Okay, I did it.
It’s a green light and it’s humming. – Oh, look at that code right there. I remember the first few ones,
you had to write code. – Windows 95? That’s– oh gosh.
Where’d you guys find this? – I actually remember this,
which is weird. God, ugh-ah. Makes me cringe. – My laptop now is probably
about not even an inch thick, and this is– this is ridiculous. – Okay. Does it normally take this long? – This is so slow. (gasps) It still has Internet Explorer! – We had a family computer. And then whenever
you wanted to use the internet, you had to stop using the phone line. – This is a dinosaur. This isn’t
just old. This is a dinosaur. Like, you guys dug this up
out from the ground and just put the fossils back together. ♪ (drum solo) ♪ – (Finebros) What is different about how this operating system looks compared to the computers you have today? – Actually, it’s kind of the same setup, where you have your desktop,
and then you have the bottom strip. – To me, it looks generally the same, except for obviously it’s not
pixelated on my computer. It’s a little more
fine-tuned graphic-wise. – (Finebros) So first, look around
at the various applications. Do you recognize anything? – AOL and Internet Explorer, Recycle Bin. – My Computer, we have that still,
except for– oh, it’s so cute. It has the little prehistoric
dinosaur computer. – Internet Explorer. – I’m pretty sure
it’s even shittier in here than it is on my regular laptop. – (Finebros) Recently, they
discontinued Internet Explorer. – Really? Since when? – Yeah, now they’re on
Microsoft Edge. So fancy. – I think it’s still on my desktop. Like, I should probably
just get rid of it then. – I’m a fan. I enjoyed wasting my life waiting
for one image to download. I enjoyed that. It was an experience. – (Finebros) Windows 95 was
very popular when it first came out. It sold 7 million copies in the first
five weeks of its release. – Oof! Good job. – (Finebros) Part of why is
because of how amazing the graphics were for the time.
– That’s just mind-blowing. – We were sad people back then. – These little icons? Like, that was new? It’s hard for me to imagine
being a kid or being an adult who got this software
and everything was amazing. ‘Cause looking at this– no offense to you, beautiful
Windows 95– this is shitty. – (Finebros) So finally, you can go ahead and shut down the computer.
– Okay. (mouse clicks) – It’s kind of sad,
’cause after this is done, you’re just gonna put it in
a corner somewhere. I feel so bad. I just want to appreciate
how pretty it is. – That?
– (Finebros) No, no. – No? Oh. – (Finebros) Oh no!
– No. – (Finebros) You just did the thing you’re not supposed to do on computers. – What are you not supposed to do? – (Finebros) On a computer now,
you wouldn’t just turn it off. You got to shut it down.
– Oh right. – (Finebros) Wait, don’t do it.
– Oh wait. (laughs) Did I just break it? Did I break it?
– (Finebros) No. But it tells you, “Windows
was not properly shut down.” – (laughs) Oh, I’m sorry. ♪ (upbeat theme music) ♪